Managing Diverse Patient Populations: Important Terms to Know Protection Status
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Advanced wound care technology: Technological advances that simplify and facilitate the process of wound care. This technology is used to improve diagnostics, communication, monitoring, complication prevention, and the rate of healing.

Automated measurement: Technology used to capture wound measurements instantly and accurately.

Clinical workflow: A systematic and repeatable pattern to guide clinicians through a delivery of care while streamlining standard of care.

Digital imaging technology: Technology that reduces measurement of variability with precise measurements of length, width, depth, and surface area, along with tissue classification.

Electronic health record (EHR): A report of the patient’s overall health that can follow the patient from facility to facility over a lifetime. An EHR is more comprehensive than an electronic medical record.

Electronic medical record (EMR): A record of a patient’s medical history that stores notes and information collected by and for doctors in a particular office, clinic, or hospital. EMRs are primarily utilized for tracking specific patient data, diagnosis, and treatment by providers and are narrower in scope than electronic hospital records.

Patient adherence: Observance by a patient of their plan of care executed by their health care provider.

Real-time analytics: Accurate and timely patient data that enable monitoring and tracking of wound progress.

Three-dimensional digital imaging technology: Imaging with three-dimensional depth in the horizontal and vertical dimensions. It allows for rotation and visualization from multiple perspectives.

Two-dimensional digital imaging technology: Flat imaging, using horizontal and vertical dimensions. If the image is turned to the side, it becomes a line.

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