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3M™ Kerramax Care™ Super-Absorbent Dressings

3M™ Kerramax Care™ dressing is a sterile, super-absorbent dressing for use on moderate to highly exuding wounds. Absorbs exudate and locks it away inside the dressing, helping to reduce skin maceration. High absorption and retention can enable fewer dressing changes and minimize disturbance to the wound bed.

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AQUACEL® Ag Advantage

AQUACEL® Ag Advantage enhanced Hydrofiber™ dressings are soft, sterile dressings made from two layers of 1.2% ionic silver impregnated sodium carboxymethylcellulose fiber with added ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt (EDTA) and benzethonium chloride and stitched together with strengthening fibers. AQUACEL® Ag Advantage combines two technologies - Hydrofiber™ and MORE THAN SILVER™ - to effectively manage biofilm within the dressing.

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Drawtex® wound dressing's capillary, hydroductive and electrostatic actions, made possible by exclusive LevaFiber™ Technology, allow it to remove debris, control excessive wound exudate and draw out bacteria and harmful MMPs, setting the stage for wound healing or closure.

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Eclypse® Super Absorbent Dressing

Eclypse® is a super absorbent, high-capacity wound dressing designed to absorb and retain fluid, reduce potential leaks, and minimize the risk of maceration. Multiple sizes and configurations to fit most wounds. Can be used under compression.

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ALGICELL® Ag Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing

ALGICELL® Ag Antimicrobial Alginate Dressing is a high gelling, high strength dressing that utilizes a sophisticated ionic transfer technology to deliver low levels of silver.

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ALGICELL® Alginate Wound Dressings

ALGICELL® Alginate Wound Dressings are highly absorptive, high integrity products designed to manage moderate to heavily exudating partial- or full-thickness wounds.

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ConvaMax™ Superabsorber Dressing

ConvaMax™ Superabsorber is designed to address moderate to heavy exudate management concerns that standard dressings can’t address. Combines high absorption and retention to help prevent excess exudate from contributing to poor skin integrity. Can be used as a primary or secondary dressing. Ideal where there is a risk of skin damage due to high levels of exudate. Available in non-adhesive and silicone adhesive forms.

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CuraVance® Alginate Ag – Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing

CuraVance® Alginate Ag – Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing is a pliable and absorbent fiber dressing made of calcium alginate high in mannuronic acid. Turns into gel when in contact with wound exudate, maintaining a moist environment to facilitate wound healing.

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Cutimed® Sorbion® Border

Cutimed® Sorbion® Border is a high-performance superabsorbent dressing with a high-tack silicone border for atraumatic removal.

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Cutimed® Sorbion® Sorbact®

Cutimed® Sorbion® Sorbact® is a bacteria-binding super absorbent dressing. Super absorbent core absorbs and retains moderate to high levels of exudate, reducing the risk of maceration, even under compression. Wound contact layer is coated with Sorbact® Technology to safely and effectively bind bacteria without a chemically active agent.

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