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ART PRP® Plus System

The ART PRP® Plus system processes autologous blood at the point-of-care in 15 minutes. Essential growth factors and proteins are found within the stratified stack of the blood plasma. Also features a dual capture system that allows users to selectively deconstruct the stack in order to optimize the composition of the final preparation.

Celling Biosciences

Celling Biosciences offers clinician point-of-care products and therapies that provide physicians options for harvesting cells from the body, processing them and then re-implanting the preparation.

• Features integrated fibers for plasma concentration with minimal sterile breaks
• Creates a fluid containing proteins such as VEGF, PDG-F, TGF-Beta, FGF, Alpha-2 Macroglobulin, Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein, and fibrinogen
• Functionally closed system to minimize sterile breaks
• Variable processing volume supports a variety of applications
• Thumbwheel allows for selective deconstruction of fluid stack for personalized fluid products
• Adjustable flow valve diverts fluid without additional sterile breaks
• Efficient concentration yields ultra-low hematocrit
• Adjustable white blood cell concentration for leukocyte-depleted product
• Concentration of molecules, including fibrinogen, myoglobin, and cytokines of similar molecular weights
• Customized fluid fractions for tailored final product
• Eliminates turbulence by keeping buffy coat in the collection zone
• Consistently achieves high yields of platelets and mononuclear cells

Product features
cancel Blood draw required for process
check_circle Contact manufacturer for details
cancel FDA cleared/approved for bone/tendon
cancel FDA cleared/approved for burns
cancel Kit components included
check_circle No centrifuge required
check_circle Portable preparation device
cancel Same day procurement application
cancel Skin punch/shave needed to procure tissue

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