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eMax™ Reassure

eMax™ Reassure is a therapeutic support mattress featuring a top layer of viscoelastic foam from head to toe that provides immersion and protection against skin breakdown. Available with or without heel slope feature.

Encompass Group, LLC

Encompass Group is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of reusable textiles, professional apparel, therapeutic support surfaces, and disposable and single-use medical products.
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• Multilayer foam core provides a full-length memory foam top layer for optimal pressure redistribution and patient comfort while maintaining a core support layer and firm base layer for stabilization
• Firm side rails support transport, facilitate ingress/egress, and remind the resident he/she is near the edge of the surface
• Inverted seams and a unique, patent-pending band design help control infection and infestation
• Zipper- and grommet-absent construction reinforces the integrity of the fire barrier
• Multi-way stretch cover supports infection control concerns with an antimicrobial, fluid-repellent finish
• Raised edge available for patient reminder system (bolsters)

Storage Requirements

Avoid storing surfaces in a damp area such as a basement or external garage. Dampness, which can damage and break down the materials used in constructing the surface. Keep surfaces away from sharp objects or other furniture edges. Before moving or storing a surface, be sure to thoroughly clean, disinfect, and dry the surface. Always lay the surface flat on a clean, dry surface that is not in direct contact with the floor. Place the surface in a breathable plastic bag whenever possible. (It's a good idea to keep a few surface bags and/or boxes on hand.) Do not store anything on top of the surface. Heavy items can cause damage to the surface material as well as possibly damage the surface core.

Failure to store a surface properly can compromise the construction and integrity of the surface, which may invalidate the remaining warranty.

How Supplied/Sizing
35"x76", 35"x80", 35"x84". Height: 6". Available with or without raised edge. Available in widths up to 60" and lengths up to 96".
Product features
cancel 500lb or more capacity
cancel Accommodates bariatric patient
check_circle Antibacterial cover
cancel Cell height of 5” or more
check_circle Combination product
check_circle Fluid-proof cover
check_circle Foam
cancel Gel
cancel Manages microclimate
check_circle Portable
check_circle Replacement covers
Recommended Use

Diabetic Foot
Pressure Injuries


Six years (mattress core, non-prorated)

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