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GV 350

GV 350 is a two-channel device that delivers full-powered twin peak stimulation with alternating or continuous coordination between active outputs. Powered by batteries or wall adapter.

BioMedical Life Systems, Inc.

BioMedical Life Systems, Inc. is a USA-based manufacturer of portable electro-therapy devices and accessories since 1984.
Toll free:(800) 726-8367 Fax:(760) 929-9953 Website:

• Can be powered by optional wall adapter or four AA batteries for flexibility
• Timer for desired treatment periods and fully adjusted pulse rate
• Delivers full-powered twin peak stimulation
• Alternating or continuous stimulation

How Supplied/Sizing
2(3/4)"x4(1/2)"x1(1/2)", 8.1oz.
Product features
cancel Alternating current
cancel Biphasic
check_circle Battery-operated
cancel Direct current
check_circle High voltage pulsed current
cancel Low voltage pulsed current
check_circle Monophasic
cancel Multimodulated current
check_circle Pulsed field
check_circle Reusable electrodes
Other features
check_circle Educational Material Available
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Clinically Tested


Technical Specifications

2(3/4)"x4(1/2)"x1(1/2)", 8.1oz.

Channels: 2 active outputs, 1 dispersive return
Waveform: Twin peak monophasic (HVPS)
Pulse Rate (adj.): 1-100Hz
Pulse Width: Interpulse intervals of 100 microseconds. 5 microseconds at 50% of peak voltage
Polarity Switch: Positive and negative of active electrodes
Stimulation: Continuous or alternating (alternates between channel one and channel two over five second intervals)
Timer: 15, 30, 60 minutes
Indicator Light: Two, one for each active output
Output Voltage: 0-350 volts adjustable
Intensity (adj.): 0-700mA peak
Power Supply: 4 AA batteries or optional medical grade wall adapter

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