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Miracle Dressing™

Miracle Dressing™ is a class I medical device, designed for stay-in-place, 21-day weartime to help protect the skin. Constructed of breathable material and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility.

MBET Health

MBET Health is a solutions-based wound care company developing products including those that promote healing of stage 1 and stage 2 pressure injuries, burns, bruises, and other superficial wounds.
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• Abiding 21-day, stay-in-place, breathable dressing
• Delivers Natural Marine Extract™ Time-Release Crystals and removes blood and exudate from the pressure injury or wound by means of the recommended once- or twice-per-day immersion in water
• Helps promote healing of the affected area and surrounding skin
• Can apply antibiotics, Miracle of the Sea® Natural Marine Extract™ with Aloe Vera Gel, or other anti-inflammatories and lubricants directly through the dressing to penetrate the at-risk skin area
• Designed to fall off on its own after 21 days
• Designed for cleaning without dressing removal
• Designed for monitoring the pressure injury or wound through the in-place dressing
• Saves nursing time
• Decreases dressing and disposal costs
• Minimizes peripheral skin irritation and inflammation by eliminating frequent dressing changes
• Protects the skin's vulnerable pressure points
• Protects against shear forces
• In compliance with Covid-19 guidelines regarding less frequent dressing changes


Miracle Dressing™ promotes healing of stage 1 and 2 wounds, skin tears, and ecchymoses. Replaces external stitches after deep absorbable stitch closure; helps to heal abrasions and superficial avulsions. Protects and promotes healing of dermatological skin conditions, including bullous diseases. Protective barrier reduces traumatic or shear injury.

Warnings and Precautions

Designed to stay in place for approximately 21 days. Only use on intact, undamaged skin.

How Supplied/Sizing
4"x12" (may be cut to accommodate various application points).
Product features
check_circle Adhesive border
cancel Antimicrobial format available
check_circle Compatible w/ topicals
cancel Conforms readily to wound
check_circle Cuttable
check_circle Flexible
check_circle Intact when saturated
check_circle Moisture vapor permeable
check_circle Non-linting
check_circle One-piece removal
cancel Packing strips
cancel Secondary dressing required
cancel Usable on infected wounds
check_circle Variety of sizes
Other features
check_circle Educational Material Available
cancel Free Samples/Trials Available
cancel Published Clinical Article Available
Mode of Use/Application

Identify vulnerable areas of skin over pressure points on the body such as buttocks, sacrum, heels, elbows and ankles. Clean the area. Blot dry. Apply Miracle Dressing™. Rinse once or twice a day. To maximize benefit, apply an aloe vera humectant, such as Miracle of the Sea® aloe vera gel with marine extracts. Appropriate medicinals may be applied as needed. Allow to fall off on its own (typically in 21 to 28 days).

Removal & Change Frequency

Dressing should fall off on its own after 21 to 28 days.

Additional Recommended Dressings

For heavily exuding wounds, water-infused gauze can be placed over the dressing. May also be held in place by paper tape.


Non-woven, regenerated cellulose fiber bandage containing a pressure-sensitive adhesive, high moisture vapor permeability and 1mm channels spaced on 3mm centers, non-perforated lanes along the longitudinal edge (and along the center of wider dressings).

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