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PRAFO® Orthosis

The PRAFO® is an ankle/foot orthosis with an aluminum heel connecting bar that helps to control plantar and dorsiflexion for the ambulating and recumbent patient.

Anatomical Concepts, Inc.

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• Clinically proven for effective ambulation
• Controls dorsi/plantar flexion
• Infinite measurable adjustments
• Custom-contoured, malleable aluminum heel connecting bar
• Malleable aluminum anti-rotation bar
• Proven superior integrity of the superstructure


The PRAFO® Orthosis is intended for household ambulation and recumbent positions as early intervention for the evolving rehab patient. The PRAFO® Orthosis is for use in post-musculoskeletal injury of the foot and ankle: post-TAL, post-Botox or serial casting, stable fractures of the foot and ankle, and tendon or ligamentous tear or rupture.


Contraindicated for use on unstable fractures of the foot and ankle or severe equino-varus or fixed contractures of the foot/ankle.

Warnings and Precautions

Not recommended for prolonged community ambulation.

How Supplied/Sizing
Adult and pediatric sizes available.
Product features
cancel Accommodates bariatric patient
check_circle Adjustable straps/fasteners
cancel Allows for ambulation/transfer
cancel Antimicrobial/antibacterial
check_circle Cleanable w/ disinfectant
cancel Combination product
cancel Floats heel
cancel Fluid-wicking
cancel Foam
cancel Knitted fabric
check_circle Lined
cancel Moisture vapor permeable
check_circle Replacement covers
cancel Self-adhering
check_circle Variety of sizes/lengths
cancel Velcro® closure
cancel Washable
Other features
check_circle Educational Material Available
check_circle Free Samples/Trials Available
check_circle Published Clinical Article Available
Recommended Use

Acute Wounds
Chronic Wounds
Deep Wounds
Diabetic Food
Pressure Ulcers

Mode of Use/Application

Follow written wear and care and fitting instructions included with device in accordance with prescribing physician's orders.

Removal & Change Frequency

Recommend wearing schedule:
• As requested by ordering physician
• In general to tolerance (determined by patient's ability to wear without causing pressure, swelling, or irritation)
• With patients who have compromised sensation, are at risk for skin breakdown, or have disruption of soft tissue surface - check skin after 1 hour of wear - if no concerns, increase wearing time by 2 hour increments but do not exceed 6 hours of wear without removal for 30 minutes to 1 hour, then reapply
• Remove for bathing or cleaning.


Industry standard co-polymer plastic, T11 aluminum, polyester Kodel® lining, and Velcro®. No PVC plastic (KYDEX®) or latex-based materials used.


One year (90 days soft goods)

Clinically Tested


Technical Specifications

Foot length: 6(3/4)"-12"
Calf height: 12"-13"
Calf circumference: 20"
Calf width: 4"
Foot plate width: 3(3/4)"
Weight limit: 250lb

Foot length: 4(3/4)"-8(1/2)"
Calf height: 9"-10"
Calf circumference: 15"
Calf width: 3(1/2)"
Foot plate width: 3(1/2)"
Weight limit: 100lb

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