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PRUventor™ Heel Off-loading Device

PRUventor™ Heel Off-loading Device is a clinically approved heel offloading device that will help to ensure the patient’s heels are relieved of pressure while also helping to prevent foot drop and lateral foot rotation.


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• Soft, elastic straps that stretch in multiple directions help ensure that no pressure is directly applied to the patient's foot
• Fluid-, stain- and bacteria-resistant interior and exterior is soft and cool to the touch
• No sharp or hard edges help prevent skin breakdown on even the most sensitive patients
• Fluid-like sensation inside the boot absorbs pressure away from bony prominences
• Lightweight and smooth surface reduces friction from bed sheets


PRUventor™ Heel Off-loading Device is intended to be prescribed by a properly licensed practitioner to help prevent heel pressure ulcers, foot drop and foot rotation.


PRUventor™ Heel Off-loading Device is for non-ambulatory patients only and should be removed before ambulation. Do not allow your patients to stand or walk while the boot is on.

Warnings and Precautions

Read and understand all warnings, cautions and directions completely and carefully before use. Failure to do so may result in serious injury.

Storage Requirements

Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

How Supplied/Sizing
Short, long, x-large.
Product features
check_circle Accommodates bariatric patient
check_circle Adjustable straps/fasteners
cancel Allows for ambulation/transfer
cancel Antimicrobial/antibacterial
check_circle Cleanable w/ disinfectant
cancel Combination product
cancel Floats heel
cancel Fluid-wicking
check_circle Foam
cancel Knitted fabric
check_circle Lined
cancel Moisture vapor permeable
cancel Replacement covers
cancel Self-adhering
check_circle Variety of sizes/lengths
cancel Velcro® closure
cancel Washable
Other features
check_circle Educational Material Available
check_circle Free Samples/Trials Available
check_circle Published Clinical Article Available
Mode of Use/Application

1. Open all strap closures and secure the hook tabs to the loop on either side of the boot. The DeRoyal sew-in label should be on the outside of the boot.
2. Gently place the patient’s foot into the boot, making sure the heel is placed over the heel opening.
3. Take one strap and cross it over the top of the foot. Secure the hook tab to the loop on the opposite side of the boot. Adjust the foot flap to ensure that the foot area is covered.
4. Take the other strap and cross it over the top of the boot. Secure the hook tab to the loop on the opposite side of the boot. Adjust the foot flap to ensure that the foot area is covered.
5. For the PRUventor™ Long, take the lower leg strap and apply the hook tab(s) to the loop on the side of the boot.
6. Make sure two fingers fit between the device and the patient to ensure circulation is not compromised. Pull both foot flaps upwards and side flaps toward the patient to ensure the product fits securely and that the heel is suspended over the heel opening.
7. If the PRUventor™ Heel Off-loading Device is used with sequential compression devices, make sure the tubing exits through the top of the boot or through the access ports located on either side of the boot.
8. Make sure the heel is suspended. Check the bottom of the boot to ensure that nothing is touching the heel.
9. To apply the anti-rotation wedge, place the hook side of the anti-rotation wedge on the outside making sure that the bottom of the wedge sits flat on the surface of the bed.

Removal & Change Frequency

Follow application directions in reverse.

Clinically Tested


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