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Sigma 34

Sigma 34 is a monoplace hyperbaric system with 33(1/2)" internal diameter treatment compartment that allows patients to sit up to 57(1/2)° angle.

Perry Baromedical Corp.

Perry Baromedical designs, manufactures, installs and services a full line of hyperbaric oxygen therapy systems, including monoplace, dualplace and multiplace systems.
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• Spacious clear acrylic cylinder that allows patient to easily view a TV/video system
• Features two-way communications system
• Fits through standard (42") doors and elevators
• Ability to incline patients up to 57(1/2)º
• Superior ventilation minimizes oxygen use
• Hydraulic gurney for patient transfer
• Air/oxygen select capability option
• Penetrators for critical care support
• Reverse configuration available
• Minimizes confinement anxiety
• Features pneumatic control panel


Sigma 34 hyperbaric system is indicated for use on: air or gas embolism, carbon monoxide/smoke inhalation, compromised skin grafts and flaps, crash injuries/acute traumatic ischemias, decompression sickness, enhanced healing in selected problem wounds, exceptional blood loss (anemia), gas gangrene (clostridial myonecrosis), intracranial abscess, necrotizing soft tissue infections, radiation tissue damage (osteoradionecrosis), refractory osteomyelitis, thermal burns.

How Supplied/Sizing
33(1/2)" diameter.
Product features
cancel Attendant accommodation
check_circle Built-in patient breathing system
cancel Dualplace
cancel Fire suppression system
cancel Indicated for partial- and full-thickness wounds
cancel Indicated for pressure ulcers
cancel Indicated for surgical wounds
cancel Indicated for third-degree burns
cancel Indicated for trauma wounds
cancel Indicated for venous ulcers
check_circle Locking gurney for transport
check_circle Monoplace
cancel Multiplace
check_circle Non-invasive blood pressure penetration
check_circle Smooth bore penetrations
check_circle Ventilator feed-through
Recommended Use

Skin Grafts and Flaps

Mode of Use/Application

Pneumatic Control Panel

Technical Specifications

40"x105"x61"; Internal Diameter: 33(1/2)"; Internal Length: 90"; Internal Volume: 47.2 cubic ft; Weight: 2,200lb.

Maximum Operating Pres: 30 psi/3 ATA (2.07 bar)
Design Temperature Range: 32ºF-100ºF (0ºC-38ºC)
Medical Gas Supply: 50psi-90 psi at 30 scfm (3.4-6.2bar at 850 lpm)
Ventilation Rate: (4.4-13.6 scfm) 125-385 lpm
Pressure Change Rate: 1-5 psi/min (0.07-.34 bar/min)
Emergency Depressurization Rate: 3 ATA to 1 ATA in 100 seconds - Approximate rate

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