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Zip Surgical Skin Closure

Zip Surgical Skin Closure is a non-invasive skin closure device that replaces sutures, staples, and glue and is used for skin closure on a variety of procedures.

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• Four times faster and better wound protection than sutures
• Fewer wound-related readmissions and complications
• May reduce clinic visits
• Higher tissue perfusion


The Zip Surgical Skin Closure device is indicated for use during and after skin incision procedures to approximate skin and hold together the skin edges until healing can take place.


Do not use where adhesion cannot be obtained. Potential causes of inadequate adhesion are presence of exudate, skin oils, moisture, or hair.
Do not use on infected wounds.
Do not use in high-tension wounds that cannot be easily approximated with fingers or forceps.

Warnings and Precautions

The development of post-operative edema may cause skin shearing, skin blistering, or loss of adhesion.
Application of any surgical tape or adhesive skin closure may result in skin stripping upon removal.
As with all adhesive products applied to the skin, a small percentage of individuals may experience allergic reaction and/or hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation following removal.
The effect of petroleum-based ointments when used in conjunction with this device is unknown.
Do not use if device becomes damaged during the procedure. Risk of device failure if device is damaged.
Single-use device. Do not reuse. Risk of device failure or infection if reused.
Skin should be clean, dry, and free of exudate, skin oils, excess prep residue, or hair for adequate adhesion.
If applied to regions such as joints where the skin surrounding the incision is substantially strained, carefully monitor wound closure integrity as mobility is increased.
In areas of high body contour, the ability of the device to conform and adhere to the application site should be assessed carefully prior to application.
Do not swim, soak the device in a bath, or allow direct, constant shower water pressure on the device to avoid adhesive failure.
Do not unnecessarily rub, flex, or continuously lie on the closure device, as this may weaken the adhesives or otherwise damage the device.
If dressings are not used, avoid clothing edges catching or pulling on device.
If used for a midline knee incision, apply the device with the knee at approximately 45-60° degrees of flexion.

Storage Requirements

Store at room temperature. Avoid storing in direct sunlight.

How Supplied/Sizing
4cm, 8cm, 16cm, 24cm. All can be cut to size or combined for larger wounds.
Product features
cancel Absorbable
check_circle Adhesive
cancel Adjustable pressure
check_circle Adjustable tension
check_circle Flexible
cancel Liquid agent
cancel No adjustment needed
check_circle Not made w/ natural rubber latex
cancel Unidirectional tension/pressure
check_circle Waterproof
Other features
check_circle Educational Material Available
check_circle Free Samples/Trials Available
check_circle Published Clinical Article Available
Recommended Use

Acute Wounds
Chronic Wounds
Dehisced Wounds
Diabetic Foot
Hypertrophic Scars/Keloids
Surgical Wounds

Mode of Use/Application

Apply deep subcutaneous sutures as needed. Clean and dry periwound skin. Peel liner #1, center end of device at apex of wound, press. Lift loose end of device, peel #2 liner approximately 5cm, place device down on wound, ensuring that it is centered on wound. Continue until entire wound is covered. Device may be cut if too long. Gently pinch wound closed over each strap and pull loop on strap to ratchet strap. Do not over-close, just approximate tissue. Cut straps at ratcheting housing so that the cut end does not catch on dressings or clothing. Apply wound dressing as needed, ensuring that dressing adhesive does not touch the top of the Zip Surgical Skin Closure device. To remove, peel from end of wound.

Removal & Change Frequency

Most surgeons leave the Zip Surgical Skin Closure device on the wound for 14-21 days or until the post-operative visit. The device may stay on a patient for a maximum of 30 days.


Hydrocolloid skin adhesive, polyurethane film, nylon locks, and straps

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