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By Martin Vera, LVN, CWS

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data tracker, in the United States alone, effective the second week of March 2022, the death toll is just over 963,000—many lives have been lost to this pandemic. In lay terms, the AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas holds a total of 80,000 seats. We have lost 12 stadiums full of Americans. TWELVE STADIUMS. Let that sink in. As health care professionals, we are committed to our patients and anyone who may need help. This pandemic has changed the way medicine is currently practiced, not to mention the effect and impact on nursing care and approach.

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By Margaret Heale, RN, MSc, CWOCN

Nurses week, which took place in May, may have fallen a little flat this year, as employers were not able to gather staff and celebrate as they might otherwise have done, but the caring continues. As a group, we have been recognized as essential. In managing wounds, nurses play a vital role in supporting patients' progress toward healing, as well as prevention. It is likely our recognition will last a while, as generally nurses come out on top in polls that ask which profession is the most trusted and caring. Unfortunately, our assistant colleagues, who care just as much, don't do so well when it comes to their pay packet.

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