Kathleen D. Schaum

President and Founder
Kathleen D. Schaum & Associates, Inc.
Lake Worth

Kathleen Schaum recently celebrated her 53rd year of working in the medical reimbursement arena. As the founder and president of her own consulting company, Kathleen D. Schaum & Associates, Inc. she shares her 50+ years of knowledge and experience.

For the past 23 years, Kathleen has educated and consulted with wound/ulcer management providers and manufacturers. In addition, Ms. Schaum has guided manufacturers’ reimbursement strategies for 400+ wound/ulcer management products and procedures and has provided reimbursement education to 5,000+ executives and sales representatives.

Ms. Schaum consults with numerous new and established hospital outpatient wound/ulcer management departments and wound/ulcer management professionals regarding the “business side of wound/ulcer management.” Her reimbursement teleconsultation services, Charge Description Master reviews, and coding/billing guidance provides a “lifeline” for many wound/ulcer management professionals and revenue cycle teams.

Ms. Schaum continuously monitors reimbursement legislation and regulations and attends many reimbursement meetings and seminars to maintain her own knowledge regarding this ever-changing topic. Then she willingly shares that knowledge with wound/ulcer management stakeholders at national and regional symposiums (including the Wound Clinic Business seminar, which is offered in 10 cities every year) and via her two regular reimbursement columns in Advances in Skin & Wound Care and in Today’s Wound Clinic.