HCPCS code description: Gauze, non-impregnated, sterile, pad size 16 sq. in. or less, with any size adhesive border, each dressing

Products with this code:

  • 3M™ Medipore™ +Pad Soft Cloth Adhesive Wound Dressing is a gentle, all-in-one sterile dressing that is breathable, absorbent and conforms to body contours, providing comfort. Unique non-adherent absorbent pad.

  • AMERX® Bordered Gauze Dressings are sterile, non-adherent cotton pads that absorb wound exudate. Water-resistant with flexible non-woven cloth hypoallergenic border to protect the wound from contaminants. Not made with natural rubber latex.

  • CompDress® Border Gauze Dressing provides absorption of wound exudate. Consists of a non-adherent contact layer, absorbent layer, non-woven adhesive layer and a four-layer bandage.

  • Cosmopor® is a sterile adhesive wound dressing.

  • COVRSITE* Wound Cover Dressing is indicated for use as a secondary cover for gels, gel sheets, alginates, wound fillers and non-adhesive foams. Gentle adhesive. Water-resistant, extensible, conformable. Replaces traditional tape and gauze with a single-step dressing.

  • Gentell Bordered Gauze is a multipurpose dressing that saves time and is gentle to delicate skin. Contains a non-adherent pad with conforming tape edges to create a secure dressing that stays in place.

  • Gentell Circular Split Drain Gauze Dressing is a pre-cut circular, bordered dressing with a U-shaped fenestration ideal for heels, joints and other wound sites with irregular or protruding surfaces, plus ostomy sites, catheters and feeding tubes.

  • McKesson Island Dressing is a primary or secondary bordered gauze dressing for wounds with light to moderate exudate. One-step application is an alternative to gauze and tape.

  • Non-Woven Island Dressing features soft, non-woven backing with adhesive border that is gentle on skin, conformable, breathable and provides ease of movement.

  • Telfa® Island Dressing combines an absorbent Telfa® pad with a non-woven adhesive backing for convenient one-step wound dressing.

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