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DermaRite is a producer of skin care, wound care, nutrition, and infection control products, devoted to improving the lives of patients and caregivers across all health care settings.

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North Bergen, NJ 07047
United States
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Products Offered

Product Name Category
3-N-1™ Cleansing Foam Skin Cleansers
4-N-1™ Wash Cream Skin Cleansers
Adhesive Tape Remover Pads Adhesive Removers
AquaDerm™ Hydrogel Sheet Hydrogels: Sheets
AquaRite™ Extra CMC Gelling Fiber Dressings
Bordered Foam™ Foam Dressings
Clean & Free™ Rinse-Free Full-Body Wash & Peri Cleanser Skin Cleansers
ComfiTape™ Silicone Adhesive Tape Tapes
ComfiTel™ Silicone Contact Layer Dressing Contact Layers
ComfortFoam™ Foam Dressings
ComfortFoam™ Ag Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Dressings
ComfortFoam™ Ag Border Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Dressings
ComfortFoam™ Border Foam Dressings
ComfortFoam™ Border Lite Foam Dressings
DermaBlue™+ Foam Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Dressings
DermaBlue™+ Foam Transfer Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Dressings
DermaCerin™ Skin Protectant Moisturizing Cream Therapeutic Moisturizers
DermaCol™ 100 Collagen Powder Collagens
DermaCol™ 100 Collagen Sheet Collagens
DermaCol™ Ag Collagen Matrix Dressing with Silver Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Dressings
DermaCol™ Collagen Matrix Dressing Collagens
DermaDaily™ Moisturizing Lotion Therapeutic Moisturizers
DermaDress™ Composites
DermaFilm™ Hydrocolloid Dressing Hydrocolloids
DermaFoam™ Foam Dressings
DermaFungal™ Antifungal Cream Antimicrobials/Antifungals
DermaGauze™ Hydrogels: Impregnated
DermaGinate/Ag™ Calcium Alginate Dressing with Antibacterial Silver Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Dressings
DermaGinate™ 12" Rope Alginates
DermaGinate™ Calcium Alginate Dressing Alginates
DermaKlenz™ Wound Cleanser Products
DermaLevin™ Foam Dressings
DermaMed™ Ointment Skin Protectant Moisture Barriers
DermaPhor™ Skin Protectant Moisturizing Ointment Therapeutic Moisturizers
DermaPrep™ Liquid Barrier Skin Prep Liquid Skin Protectants/Sealants
DermaRite Bordered Gauze Gauzes & Non-Wovens
DermaRite Silk Tape Waterproof Adhesive Silk Tape Tapes
DermaSarra™ External Analgesic Topical Wound Agents
DermaSeptin™ Ointment Skin Protectant Moisture Barriers
DermaSyn/Ag™ Silver Antibacterial Wound Gel Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Dressings
DermaSyn™ Hydrogels: Amorphous
DermaVantage™ Moisturizing Lotion Therapeutic Moisturizers
DermaView II Island™ Composites
DermaView II™ Transparent Film Dressing Transparent Films
DermaView™ Transparent Film Dressing Transparent Films
FiberHeal™ Liquid Fiber Enteral Nutrition (Medical Foods)
FlexPress2 Lite™ Wraps & Bandages
FlexPress2™ Wraps & Bandages
FlexPress4™ 4 Layer Compression Bandage System Wraps & Bandages
HydraFoam™ Foam Dressings
HydraLock SA™ Specialty Absorptives/Super Absorbents
Lantiseptic® Dry Skin Therapy Skin Protectant Moisture Barriers
Lantiseptic® Moisture Shield Skin Protectant Moisture Barriers
LubriSilk™ Dry Skin Care Lotion Therapeutic Moisturizers
Oil Emulsion Dressing Impregnated Dressings
PeriFresh™ Rinse-Free Perineal Cleanser Skin Cleansers
PeriGiene™ Healthcare Antiseptic Skin Cleansers
PeriGuard® Ointment Skin Protectant Moisture Barriers
Petrolatum Gauze Dressing Impregnated Dressings
ProHeal™ Critical Care Advanced Wound Recovery Formula Liquid Protein Enteral Nutrition (Medical Foods)
ProHeal™ Liquid Protein Enteral Nutrition (Medical Foods)
Renew PeriProtect™ Skin Protectant Moisture Barrier Cream Moisture Barriers
Renew™ Dimethicone Skin Protectant Moisture Barriers
Renew™ Full-Body Foaming Cleanser Skin Cleansers
Renew™ Skin Repair Cream Therapeutic Moisturizers
RiteFix™ Non-Woven Dressing Retention Tape Tapes
SafeWash™ Saline Wound Cleanser Products
SilvaKollagen® Gel Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Dressings
SilverDerm 7® Silver Contact Layer Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Dressings
StayStrips™ Wound Closure Strips Wound Closure Devices
StingFree™ Alcohol Free Liquid Skin Prep & Shield Liquid Skin Protectants/Sealants
UnnaRite™ C Unna Boot with Zinc and Calamine Wraps & Bandages
UnnaRite™ Unna Boot with Zinc Wraps & Bandages
UTIHeal™ Liquid Cranberry Nutrition Enteral Nutrition (Medical Foods)
Xeroform Gauze Dressing Impregnated Dressings

Other Features

Clinical Consultant Available

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