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Hydrogels: Sheets

Hydrogel wound dressing sheets are three-dimensional networks of cross-linked hydrophilic polymers that are insoluble in water and interact with aqueous solutions by swelling. They are highly conformable and permeable and can absorb varying amounts of drainage, depending on their composition. Non-adhesive against the wound for easy removal. Indicated for partial- and full-thickness wounds, wounds with necrosis, minor burns, and radiation tissue damage. Available in various sizes, with and without adhesive borders.

Hydrogel wound dressing sheets are three-dimensional networks of cross-linked hydrophilic polymers that are insoluble in water and interact with aqueous solutions by swelling. These dressings help maintain a moist wound healing environment, promote granulation and epithelialization, and facilitate autolytic debridement. Because of the high water content of hydrogels, they typically cannot absorb large amounts of exudate. Hydrogel dressings are also available in amorphous form and impregnated in gauzes or non-woven sponges.

Hydrogel sheet dressings feature the following general performance properties and attributes:
• Cooling action soothes and reduces pain
• Nonadherent
• Rehydrate the wound bed
• Fill in dead space
• Easy application and removal
• Can be used on infected wounds
• Facilitate autolytic debridement
• Atraumatic removal
• Can be used with topical medications

Hydrogel sheets are indicated for use as a primary dressing in the treatment of minimally draining partial- and full-thickness wounds such as stage II-IV pressure ulcers, deep wounds, minor burns, infected wounds, dermal ulcers, skin tears, donor sites, radiation dermatitis and wounds with necrosis or slough.

Hydrogel sheet dressings are contraindicated for use on wounds with heavy exudate.

The following general warnings apply to hydrogel sheet dressings. Always refer to manufacturer information for Warnings and Precautions for a specific product.

May dehydrate if left uncovered.
May cause maceration of periwound skin.
Not recommended for use on wounds with moderate to heavy exudate.
May require daily dressing changes.


3M™ Kerralite Cool™ Moisture Balancing Hydrogel Dressings

3M™ Kerralite Cool™ Moisture Balancing Hydrogel Dressings are soothing, debriding, moisture balancing dressings for lightly exuding wounds.

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AquaDerm™ Hydrogel Sheet

AquaDerm™ is a non-adhering hydrogel sheet that reduces local pain in superficial wounds. Transparent, absorbent, cool, and soothing for partial- and full-thickness wounds.

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AquaSite® Hydrogel Sheet

AquaSite® Hydrogel Sheet is a glycerine-based hydrogel sheeting specifically formulated to protect against dehydration while absorbing and controlling exudate. Soothes painful wounds and burns.

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Avogel® Hydrogel Sheeting for Scars

Avogel® is an adhesive hydrogel sheeting used to hydrate and heat the wound area and break down scar tissue.

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CoolMagic™ Gel Sheet

CoolMagic™ Gel Sheet is an instant cooling, pain-relieving hydrogel dressing.

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Derma-Gel® Hydrogel Sheet

Derma-Gel® Hydrogel Sheet is a soft, flexible, semi-occlusive hydrogel dressing that is bacteriostatic and absorbs 5 times its weight in fluid. Non-adherent to permit frequent wound inspection. Glycerine-based.

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Elasto-Gel™ Wound Dressing

Elasto-Gel™ is a bacteriostatic, absorbent wound dressing designed to control wound healing inhibitors such as infection, slough, debris, eschar, and excess exudate.

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Kendall™ Hydrogel Dressing

Kendall™ Hydrogel Dressing has a unique disc shape that resembles wound margins, aiding in conformability. High absorbent capacity and high MVTR aid in excess fluid management.

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McKesson Hydrogel Sheet Dressing

McKesson Hydrogel Sheet Dressing is a primary dressing for wounds with light or no exudate, to add or maintain moisture at the wound bed. Helps maintain a moist wound healing environment to assist in autolytic debridement.

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P-DERM® Hydrogel

P-DERM® Hydrogels are used for moisture management in wound care as well as general fixation for dressings and wearable technologies.

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