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Antimicrobial/Antibacterial Dressings

Antimicrobial and antibacterial dressings are wound covers that alter the wound bed bioburden. Indicated to help reduce the risk of infection in partial- and full-thickness wounds, over percutaneous line sites and surgical incisions, or around tracheostomies. Available as sponges, impregnated woven gauzes, film dressings, absorptive products, island dressings, nylon fabric, non-adherent barriers, or a combination of materials. The ability to handle exudate depends on the characteristics and composition of the product.

Antimicrobial dressings deliver a sustained release of antimicrobial agents to the wound bed, which allows for a lower concentration of the agent and lowers the potential toxicity to host cells. These dressings typically get their antimicrobial activity from silver, iodine or polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB), and come in a variety of delivery systems, shapes, and sizes.

Silver dressings specifically are available in foams, hydrocolloids, alginates, barrier layers, and activated charcoal cloth dressings.

Antimicrobial dressings feature the following general performance properties and attributes:
• Provides broad range of antimicrobial or antibacterial activity
• Reduces/prevents infection
• Controls bacteria bioburden

Antimicrobial dressings are indicated for use as either a primary or secondary dressing in the treatment of draining, exuding, infected and non-healing wounds where protection from bacterial contamination is desired. This can include both acute and chronic wounds including burns, surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and leg ulcers. The amount of exudate that can be properly managed is dependent on the specific properties of the dressing. Certain dressings can be used under compression.

Antimicrobial dressings are contraindicated for use on patients with known sensitivities to any of the product components (silver, iodine). Silver dressings cannot be worn during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures.

The following general warnings apply to antimicrobial dressings. Always refer to manufacturer information for Warnings and Precautions for a specific product.

May cause staining on wound and intact skin with silver dressings.
May cause stinging or sensitization.


AQUACEL® Ag Advantage

AQUACEL® Ag Advantage enhanced Hydrofiber™ dressings are soft, sterile dressings made from two layers of 1.2% ionic silver impregnated sodium carboxymethylcellulose fiber with added ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt (EDTA) and benzethonium chloride and stitched together with strengthening fibers. AQUACEL® Ag Advantage combines two technologies - Hydrofiber™ and MORE THAN SILVER™ - to effectively manage biofilm within the dressing.

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BIAKŌS™ Antimicrobial Wound Gel

BIAKŌS™ Antimicrobial Wound Gel is a patented gel that synergistically disrupts extracellular polymeric substances to help eliminate biofilm.

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Covalon® IV Clear®

IV Clear® is a dual antimicrobial clear silicone adhesive securement dressing with chlorhexidine and silver, used to cover and protect insertion sites, as well as secure devices to skin.

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DermaBlue™+ Foam

DermaBlue™+ Foam Wound Dressing is made of polyurethane/polyether foam, methylene blue (up to 0.25mg/g), gentian violet (up to 0.25mg/g), and silver sodium zirconium phosphate (up to 7mg/g). The 3 ingredients provide broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection within the dressing.

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Endoform™ Antimicrobial

Endoform™ Antimicrobial is an advanced extracellular matrix (ECM) containing 0.3% ionic silver for acute and chronic wounds. Incorporates into the wound and provides a porous bioscaffold to help build new tissue.

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Hydrofera Blue CLASSIC®

Hydrofera Blue CLASSIC® improves epithelialization while wicking exudate and debris from the wound bed, resulting in a multifaceted, non-toxic healing environment that kills bacteria and reduces bioburden. Non-cytotoxic.

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Hydrofera Blue READY-Border®

Hydrofera Blue READY-Border® is a non-cytotoxic solution for secure wound protection and atraumatic dressing removal. No silicone interface on the foam allows intimate contact of the foam to the wound bed with uninterrupted absorption of exudate.

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Leukomed® Sorbact®

Leukomed® Sorbact® post-op dressing features a wound contact layer coated with a Sorbact® surface which irreversibly binds hydrophobic microbes by a physical mode of action for safe removal.

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PolyMem MAX® Silver Non-Adhesive Dressing

PolyMem MAX® Silver Non-Adhesive Dressing is an extra-thick multifunctional, interactive PolyMem dressing with silver added. Designed for handling high levels of exudate while providing antimicrobial protection, continuously cleansing wounds, balancing moisture, helping to subdue and focus inflammation, and reducing odor and wound pain.

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PolyMem Silver® Non-Adhesive Dressing

PolyMem Silver® Non-Adhesive Dressing is a multifunctional, interactive dressing designed to decrease wound pain and odor while supporting brisk healing by continuously cleansing wounds, balancing moisture and helping focus inflammation. The silver kills pathogens in fluid and debris drawn into the dressings.

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