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Atrauman® Wound Contact Layer

Atrauman® Wound Contact Layer features a non-petroleum composition for use as a non-adherent contact layer for protection and atraumatic treatment.

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Kendall™ Oil Emulsion Dressings

Kendall™ Oil Emulsion Dressings are specially formulated with a petrolatum emulsion that protects wounds, allows exudate to escape and helps ensure virtually painless dressing removal.

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Petrolatum Gauze Dressings

Petrolatum Gauze Dressings provide soothing, non-adherent protection with more convenience and less mess.

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Vaseline® Petrolatum Gauze

Vaseline® Petrolatum Gauze is a sterile, occlusive dressing consisting of fine-mesh, absorbent gauze impregnated with approximately three times its weight of white petrolatum.

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Xeroform® Occlusive Dressing

Xeroform® Occlusive Dressing is a sterile, non-adhering protective dressing consisting of absorbent, fine-mesh gauze impregnated with a petrolatum blend. 3% bismuth tribromophenate blend formula provides bacteriostatic protection.

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