Dukal Corporation

Dukal Corporation manufactures high quality products for general wound care, skin care and personal care. Dukal's products provide solutions for all levels of care across the health care continuum.

2 Fleetwood Ct.
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
United States
(631) 656-3800
(800) 243-0741
(631) 656-3810

Products Offered

Product Name Category
Alcohol Pads Skin Cleansers
Basic Care Conforming Stretch Gauze Gauzes & Non-Wovens
Basic Care Fluff Bandage Roll Gauzes & Non-Wovens
Burn Dressing Hydrogels: Impregnated
BZK Towelettes Skin Cleansers
Caliber™ Adhesive Bandages Specialty Absorptives/Super Absorbents
Caliber™ Single Use Tapes Tapes
Cleansing Towelettes Skin Cleansers
Clinisorb Non-Woven Sponges Gauzes & Non-Wovens
Cloth Tape Tapes
Cohesive Bandages Wraps & Bandages
Combine ABD Pads Specialty Absorptives/Super Absorbents
Conforming Stretch Gauze Gauzes & Non-Wovens
Cotton Stockinette Tube & Dressing Securement
DawnMist® Perineal Wash Skin Cleansers
DawnMist® Pre-Moistened Adult Wash Cloths Skin Cleansers
DawnMist® Redi-Wash Bathing System Skin Cleansers
DawnMist® Redi-Wash Rinse Free Shower Cap Skin Cleansers
DawnMist® Rinse Free Shampoo and Body Bath Skin Cleansers
Dry Wash Cloths Skin Cleansers
Elastic Bandages Wraps & Bandages
Fluff Bandage Roll Gauzes & Non-Wovens
Gauze Sponges Gauzes & Non-Wovens
I.V. and T-Drain Sponges Gauzes & Non-Wovens
Non-Adherent Pad with Adhesive Specialty Absorptives/Super Absorbents
Non-Adherent Pads Specialty Absorptives/Super Absorbents
Non-Woven Island Dressing Gauzes & Non-Wovens
Oil Emulsion Dressings Impregnated Dressings
Packing Strips Gauzes & Non-Wovens
Paper Tape Tapes
Petrolatum Gauze Dressings Impregnated Dressings
Premium Elastic Bandages Wraps & Bandages
Premium Sponges Gauzes & Non-Wovens
Premium Wet Wipes Skin Cleansers
Retention Tape Tapes
Silver Nitrate Applicators Silver Nitrate
Sterile Wound Closure Strips Wound Closure Devices
Super Sponges Gauzes & Non-Wovens
Transparent Semi-Permeable Dressing Transparent Films
Transparent Tape Tapes
Waterproof Tape Tapes
Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze Dressings Impregnated Dressings

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