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Silver Nitrate Applicators

Silver Nitrate Applicators contain 75% silver nitrate and 25% potassium nitrate on a plastic caustic applicator.

Dukal Corporation

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• Used for cauterization of skin and mucus membrane and for the removal of granulation tissue, warts and verrucae
• Plastic caustic applicator may be bent or shaped to enable easy access to the ear, nose or throat cavities
• Flexible 6" plastic caustic applicator is molded at high temperatures, which makes the applicator hygienic and splinter-free
• Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription
• Five-year shelf life


Silver Nitrate Applicators are for use on nose bleeds, vasomotor rhinitis, post-bioptic cervical nicks, cauterizing small wounds, removal of hypergranulation tissue and for treatment of plantar warts.


Contraindicated for use on genital warts or on or near eyes.

Warnings and Precautions

Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription. Keep out of reach of children. Do no use on or near eyes.

Active Ingredients

75% silver nitrate, 25% potassium nitrate

How Supplied/Sizing
6", 100 per vial, 10 vials per box.
Product features
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Mode of Use/Application

Prior to use, the applicator stick may be bent or shaped to allow easier access to the target area. The medicated end of the applicator should be moistened in clean water and applied to the affected tissue. One applicator is normally sufficient for each application. The strength of the action is controlled by the amount of water used to moisten the tip.
Silver nitrate, once dissolved in either body fluid or clean tap water (distilled or purified water can be used but are not necessary if tap water is clean and does not have a high salt content), is absorbed by epidermal tissue to a very shallow depth where it alters the pH of the environment surrounding the living cells, causing them to die. On unbroken skin, this is painless. This action can be stopped by adding saline solution, which neutralizes silver nitrate.

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