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The First Product Approved for Code A6583 Under the New Lymphedema Treatment Act (LTA)

March 6, 2024

Extremit-Ease® Compression Garment, by AMERX Health Care, recently received approval from PDAC for code A6583, one of the 78 new codes issued under the new Lymphedema Treatment Act (LTA).

Passed by congress in December of 2022, this NEW policy went into effect January 1 and now provides coverage for patients seeking compression garments and supplies to help manage their lymphedema. Justice Anderson, President/CEO AMERX Health Care commented:

Studies show the Extremit-Ease Compression Garment is well received by patients, with compliance and wear time far exceed the competition.  AMERX has always believed this product is a game changer, and we are proud to be the first lower extremity compression garment approved for this code.

Medicare patients can now receive coverage for up to 3 garments, per effected limb, every 6 months. 

More information about the Lymphedema Treatment Act and the NEW codes can be found at To learn more about Extremit-Ease Compression Garments, visit or call AMERX at 800-448-9599.

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