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Wound Care Diagnostics


Bidop® 3

Bidop® 3 is a pocket Doppler with visual LCD display and memory storage capability. Vascular software available.

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Bidop® 7

Bidop® 7 is a handheld Doppler with a large color LCD waveform display and memory storage capability. PPG and vascular software available.

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Disposable Digit Cuffs

Disposable Digit Cuffs are for the pressure measurement of patient fingers and toes.

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ES100VX MiniDoppler®

ES100VX MiniDoppler® is a handheld pocket Doppler.

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MD6 System

The MD6 System is a pocket-sized, bi-directional vascular Doppler for obtaining ankle-brachial index (ABI).

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MESI is an automated ankle-brachial index measuring device that simultaneously measures the blood pressure in the upper and lower extremities in just one minute.

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MolecuLight i:X® Fluorescence Imaging Device

MolecuLight i:X® Fluorescence Imaging Device is a point-of-care handheld fluorescence imaging device for real-time digital wound measurement and for detection of elevated bacterial burden in wounds, along with CSS.

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Nicolet® Elite®

Nicolet® Elite® has a unique broad-beam probe design for faster and easier vessel location without angling probe.

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PCR Wound Test

PCR Wound Test tests for 50 wound pathogens, both bacterial and fungal. 10-20 resistance gene identification for targeted antibiotic prescription. User friendly reporting in online portal.

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PDE-Neo II is an indocyanine green (ICG) fluorescent imaging device. Used to evaluate tissue perfusion for vascular assessment.

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