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Comfort Release® Tape

Comfort Release® Tape is for sensitive skin and is easy to apply, water resistant, breathable, and long lasting with painless release. Made with a transparent, bidirectional tear polypropylene film, and adhesive; not made with natural rubber latex.

Comfort Release®

Comfort Release® by Global Biomedical Technologies is a new, smart-switchable adhesive technology that addresses the pain and risk of injury in bandage and dressing removal. Comfort Release® products are available for advanced wound care, acute care, and everyday first aid.
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• Provides effective protection and securement for all types of acute wounds
• Available in different sizes
• Easy to apply
• Water resistant
• Breathable
• Long lasting
• Painless release


Comfort Release® Adhesive Tapes are designed to protect fragile and sensitive skin and minimize the risk of pain, skin tears, and skin irritation.

Warnings and Precautions

People with prior skin reactions to acrylic adhesives, skin burns, or allergic reactions to rubbing alcohol should not use Comfort Release®.

Storage Requirements

Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature 59°F-86°F (15°C-30°C); avoid moisture and sunlight.

How Supplied/Sizing
1" and 2" width, single- and multi-use rolls.
Product features
cancel Dispenser pack/box
check_circle Hypoallergenic
cancel Impermeable to outside contaminants
check_circle Moisture vapor permeable
check_circle Not made w/ natural rubber latex
cancel Occlusive
cancel Pre-cut strips
cancel Silicone-based adhesive
check_circle Sterile
cancel Stretches
check_circle Tears lengthwise/crosswise
check_circle Variety of sizes
check_circle Water-resistant
Other features
check_circle Educational Material Available
check_circle Free Samples/Trials Available
check_circle Published Clinical Article Available
Recommended Use

Dressing and Tube Securement

Mode of Use/Application

Made especially for frail elderly, immunocompromised, or sensitive skin. Apply to clean, dry skin free of lotions, creams, or oils.

Removal & Change Frequency

To remove, use alcohol prep pads or soak cotton balls with rubbing alcohol and wipe across the top surface until the tape begins to lift from skin surface, about 3-10 seconds. Alcohol prep pads, cotton balls, and rubbing alcohol are not included in any tape box and need to be purchased separately.


Comfort Release® breathable, moisture resistant tapes with easy release, painless, and trauma-free release from skin (when removed as directed).

Clinically Tested


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