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LEAF* Patient Monitoring System

LEAF* Patient Monitoring System includes a wireless, wearable patient sensor that monitors patient position and orientation to automate and document the management of prescribed patient turn protocols.

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• Wireless system for monitoring the position and movement of hospital and long-term care facility patients susceptible to pressure injuries
• Enables caregivers to define customized turn protocols for each patient
• Increase in adherence to turn protocols
• Assists in the reduction of pressure injury incidence by 73%
• Helps to promote teamwork and increase nursing efficiencies


The LEAF* Patient Monitoring System monitors the orientation and activity of patients susceptible to pressure injuries. It allows health care providers to implement individualized turn management plans and continuously monitor each patient. The LEAF* Patient Monitoring System provides alerts when patient orientation or activity deviates from parameters set by health care providers. The device is intended for use on patients at risk of pressure injury in medical, nursing, and long-term care facilities, including independent living, assisted-living, and rehabilitation facilities.


The LEAF* Patient Monitoring System has no known contraindications for use.

Warnings and Precautions

Listed in product Instructions for Use and available upon request.

Storage Requirements

Listed in product Instructions for Use and available upon request.

Product features
cancel Continuous feedback
check_circle Customizable protocols
cancel iOS device compatible app
cancel Orthotic assessment
cancel Plantar assessment
cancel Portable
cancel Printout capabilities
check_circle Real-time data
cancel Seated assessment
cancel Total body assessment
check_circle Wearable
check_circle Wireless
Other features
check_circle Educational Material Available
cancel Free Samples/Trials Available
check_circle Published Clinical Article Available
Recommended Use

Pressure Injury Prevention

Mode of Use/Application

Applied to patient's upper torso.

Removal & Change Frequency

Battery life up to 21 days. Skin should be visually inspected periodically as one would with any transparent film dressing.

Clinically Tested


Technical Specifications

Available on

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