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Patient Pressure/Position Monitoring Systems

Systems designed to monitor patient positioning and/or pressure are platforms utilizing sensor-based technology to gain real-time data to support preventative protocols and/or monitor patient activity for injury risk.


VU Advanced Pressure Visualization System

VU Advanced Pressure Visualization System technology provides the visual and evaluative feedback required for real-time pressure assessment and monitoring to ensure patients are repositioned effectively and pressure is redistributed with certainty.

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The BPMS™ (Body Pressure Measurement System) provides pressure measurements for all areas of the body when lying down. Multiple configuration options available.

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Cognito 2.5

The Cognito 2.5 cloud-based patient monitoring system utilizes real-time patient data and predictive algorithms based on individual patient mobility data to reduce the incidence of pressure injuries and patient falls.

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The CONFORMat® is a pressure mapping system that uses a flexible sensor to measure pressure in the seat and back.

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The F-Scan® is a system that provides plantar pressures using thin-film sensors placed in patients' shoes for clinical assessment.

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F-Scan® Wireless

The F-Scan® Wireless is a system providing plantar pressures with complete freedom of movement using thin-film sensors placed in the subject's shoes.

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ForeSite™ PT Patient Turn System

ForeSite™ PT Patient Turn System is a patient turn system that allows caregivers to continually monitor persistent body pressures.

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ForeSite™ SS Wheelchair Seat System

ForeSite™ SS is a wheelchair seat pressure mapping system for therapists that is high-resolution and easy-to-use when making cushion selection, chair set-up decisions and educating clients to prevent pressure ulcers.

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HR Mat™

The HR Mat™ is a high-resolution pressure sensing floor mat that provides precise plantar pressure and force measurement, especially in children or deformed feet.

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LEAF* Patient Monitoring System

LEAF* Patient Monitoring System includes a wireless, wearable patient sensor that monitors patient position and orientation to automate and document the management of prescribed patient turn protocols.

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