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OXY-MAT™ Non-Powered Health Care Surface

OXY-MAT™ Non-Powered Health Care Surface is a therapeutic support surface for patients at risk of pressure ulcer development. Provides a controlled anatomical immersion environment that envelops bony prominences and reduces vertical and horizontal shear forces.

Off-Loading Technologies, Inc.

Off-Loading Technologies, Inc. is a developer of pressure offloading support surfaces.
Toll free:(800) 547-9899 Fax:(914) 248-6532 Website:

• Designed using patented Oxygen Saturation Technology®
• Deep immersion engineering allows for maximum subcutaneous oxygen values that support healthy tissue viability
• Features a patent-pending calf pillow that transfers the tissue load from the heels to the more pressure-tolerant calf and thigh areas


OXY-MAT™ is for use in offloading anatomical areas at risk of pressure ulcer development, such as the sacrum, scapula, trochanter, ischium, head and heels.

How Supplied/Sizing
Length: 80", 84", 86". Width 35", 37". Height: 8".
Product features
cancel 500lb or more capacity
cancel Accommodates bariatric patient
check_circle Antibacterial cover
check_circle Cell height of 5” or more
cancel Combination product
check_circle Fluid-proof cover
cancel Foam
cancel Gel
cancel Manages microclimate
cancel Portable
check_circle Replacement covers

Five years on defects in workmanship and materials. Damages to the top and bottom covers arising from needle punctures, scalpel cuts, burns, chemicals, improper care or cleaning are excluded from warranty coverage.

Technical Specifications

Length: 80", 84", 86"
Width 35", 37"
Height: 8"
Weight: 38lb
Weight limit: 400lb

Top cover: 360 degree replaceable, four-way stretch, low moisture vapor transmission, waterproof, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial treated resistant to organisms that degrade, stain or impart odors
Bottom cover: replaceable, low-slip design to eliminate mattresses from slipping off bed frames
Handles: four heavy duty handles sewn to bottom cover
Flammability meets or exceeds the following standards: 16CFR 1632, 16CFR 1699, Cal 117 and TB129

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