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The WoundVision Scout™

The WoundVision Scout™ combines thermographic and photographic imaging into a single modality to help enhance present on admission (POA) documentation, accurately measure wound size and streamline EMR integration.


WoundVision is the developer of web-based imaging technology designed to document and record wounds to optimize patient outcomes.
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• Skin temperature assessment for advanced Present on Admission (POA) documentation
• Wound photography and measurement (96% accurate vs. paper ruler)
• Avoids documentation errors that can result in hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs)
• Physiological documentation to validate success of treatment goals/outcomes of open wounds
• EMR Integration
• Minimizes subjectivity and variation in wound care costs, documentation, and outcomes
• Advances health equity by overcoming the challenges of assessing darkly pigmented skin


The WoundVision Scout™ is a combination digital camera and long-wave infrared camera. The digital camera is indicated for the use of capturing visual images to measure the diameter, surface area, and perimeter of a part of the body or 2 body surfaces. The long-wave infrared camera is indicated for the use of capturing thermal images to measure the thermal intensity data of a part of the body or 2 body surfaces. Both components of the WoundVision Scout™ are non-contact with respect to the patient and provide an adjunctive tool to help a trained and qualified health care professional measure and record external wound and body surface data. Intended for qualified health care professionals who are trained in its use, the WoundVision Scout™ is a non-invasive and non-radiating device. The WoundVision Scout™ is to be used on a patient population that includes non-pregnant female or male patients 18 years of age or older. The WoundVision Scout™ is intended to be used in hospital, acute and sub-acute care settings, long-term care, surgery, health care practitioner facilities, outpatient, home health care, or in any environment where health care is provided by a qualified health care professional. The WoundVision Scout™ does not provide a diagnosis or therapy.

How Supplied/Sizing
Handheld imaging device, cloud-based software and EMR integration.
Product features
check_circle Function - Analyze
check_circle Function - Assess
check_circle Function - Document
check_circle Function - Imaging
cancel Function - Imaging - 3D
check_circle Function - Measure
check_circle Function - Report
check_circle Function - Track
cancel Automated alert notifications on wound status
check_circle EMR-compatible
check_circle HIPAA compliant
check_circle Non-contact
cancel Patient portal/reporting access
cancel Smart device enabled/mobile responsive
check_circle System hardware components
Other features
check_circle Educational Material Available
check_circle Free Samples/Trials Available
check_circle Published Clinical Article Available
Recommended Use

Acute Wounds
Cavity Wounds
Chronic Wounds
Deep Wounds
Dehisced Wounds
Diabetic Foot
Granulating/Epithelializing Wounds
Infected Wounds
Kennedy Lesions/Acute Skin Failure
Moderate/Highly Exudating Wounds
Non/Minimally Exudating Wounds
Palliative Wounds
Pressure Ulcers
Sloughy Wounds
Superficial Wounds
Surgical Wounds
Venous Ulcers

Mode of Use/Application

The WoundVision Scout™ works in conjunction with a cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant software solution. EMR integration supported via HL7 2.x and FHIR.


One-year device warranty with optional extended warranty and protection plan.

Technical Specifications

Both WoundVision™ Scout and Scout Mobile integrate with the EMR using HL7 2.x and SMART on FHIR.

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