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Wound Measurement, Assessment & Monitoring Systems

Wound assessment and monitoring systems are devices or digital aids used in the measurement, imaging, and documentation of wounds. Digital devices may provide 2 or 3-dimensional assessment of a wound with electronic medical record (EMR) software integration and may be non-contact.

Wound assessment and monitoring devices are digital aids, such as electronic instruments or network compatible smart devices, used in the measurement, imaging and documentation of wounds.

Devices used in the assessment of wounds may use ultrasound technology or laser guides to provide accurate wound measurements or models.

Digital devices may provide three-dimensional assessment of a wound with electronic medical record (EMR) software integration and may be non-contact.

Wound assessment and monitoring devices feature the following general performance properties or attributes:
• Provides detailed images of wounds for documentation
• Provides accurate measurement of wound dimensions to track healing progression
• Portable

Wound assessment and monitoring devices are indicated for assessment of all chronic or acute wounds to track wound healing progression.



Archangel is a mobile wound care management software for medical professionals in documenting, assessing, providing treatment plans for wound care and tracking healing. Order supplies, manage patient billing with reporting and analytics.

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eKare inSight™

eKare inSight™ is a comprehensive digital platform for advanced wound care, including 3D imaging, documentation, and analytics. Compatible with all major EHRs, EMRs, and EDCs.

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3D Mobile Wound Management

WoundZoom is a digital management solution designed for wound care professionals with four pillars of support: patient assessment, practice efficiency, insightful analytics, and patient safety.

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CarePICS®allows you to use your device of choice to photograph, measure, trend, eConsult, eRefer, eReport, provide a patient portal, encrypted SMS, and order dressings and CTPs in a HIPAA-compliant manner. All data stored in cloud.

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EPISCAN I-200 high frequency ultrasound technology alerts clinicians to subtle non-visual tissue damage at the time of admission and provides documentation.

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HealthE*PIX provides enterprise-wide support of digital picture capture, classification/indexing, documentation, measuring, archiving and report viewing from your EMR.

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Minuteful for Wound's FDA-registered, smartphone-powered wound management service allows clinicians to measure and document wounds, track healing progress over time, identify stagnating wounds, and improve continuity and remote support.

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Parable Mobile Wound Management Software

Parable Mobile Wound Management Software is a wound care software solution involving digital wound documentation, collaboration, and management on mobile devices and tablets.

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PixaMed Point-of-Care Wound Care Documentation Platform

The PixaMed point-of-care mobile assessment documentation platform includes wound imaging, automatic digital wound measurements, fully automated assessment, and treatment documentation. Historical tracking perspective removes the need for wound healing progression by picture and graph of progression indicators. A digital dashboard is available for patient and provider population management.

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Now in its 4th generation, Silhouette® can capture images and precise automated area and volume measurements on many devices, including Apple or Android smart devices, and includes customizable dashboard reporting.

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