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Electronic Medical Records

Coordinating Complex Wound Care: Systematically Meeting Patient Needs

September 13, 2012
By Paula Erwin-Toth MSN, RN, CWOCN, CNS Part 4 in a series discussing the challenges and opportunities in patient/family education For Part 1, Click Here For Part 2, Click Here For Part 3, Click...

Does Your Facility Have a Legal "Safety Net" For Wound Care Documentation?

June 18, 2015
By Cheryl Carver, LPN, WCC, CWCA, FACCWS, DAPWCA, CLTC Substandard documentation tops the list of mistakes for long-term care facilities. It involves "all hands in the chart" so to speak. This enco...

How Improving Wound Care Delivery Can Benefit the Entire Facility

October 12, 2017
By Jeffrey Levine, MD Pressure injury prevention and management are sometimes overlooked in the hospital setting, where the focus is generally on acute illness. Given the immense implications in te...

How Streamlining Wound Documentation Improves Continuity of Care

January 31, 2021
Continuity of care has always been the heart of practicing medicine and is especially important for wound care. Continuity of care in wound management equals better outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and s...

How to Improve Safety for Your Wound Care Patients

March 9, 2014
By Paula Erwin-Toth MSN, RN, CWOCN, CNS I hope this missive finds all of you safe and warm. For many, this has been an exceptionally brutal winter. Blizzards, ice storms, avalanches and a drought. ...

Optimizing Your Wound Care Workflow to Improve Outcomes

January 31, 2021
Multiple electronic medical record (EMR) systems are being utilized across the health care spectrum. However, these systems do not always contain documentation elements that capture specialty care suc...

Terms to Know: Wound Care Technologies

January 31, 2021
Benchmarking: Benchmarking is using published wound outcomes reported by others as a framework within which to assess your facility’s outcomes and potential need for improved care. Chronic wound: ...

Understanding Wound Documentation Goals for Your Care Setting

January 31, 2021
Up to 20% of all US medicolegal claims and more than 10% of settlements are wound related. Documentation is essential for all health care settings; however, there are differences in each setting. Know...
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