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Benefits of a Portable, Mechanical Negative Pressure Device for Pediatric Patients

December 9, 2022
The benefit of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) as an “active,” adjunctive treatment is well-established. Evidence has shown that wounds treated with negative pressure granulate faster than woun...

Full-Thickness Scalp Wound in a Neonate: How Hydroconductive Dressings Help Treatment

January 18, 2024
There is a paucity of literature regarding neonatal wound treatment. While it is widely accepted that neonatal wounds heal more rapidly than those of adults, topical dressing selection and care manage...

Patient Populations: Barriers to Care

March 31, 2022
The most effective wound care is patient-centered and individualized. Consideration must be made for unique population characteristics during an inpatient stay to decrease the risk of hospital readmis...
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