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Wound Care History

A Historical Look at AI in Health Care

August 29, 2023
The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health care is gaining significant attention and interest. AI is revolutionizing how providers diagnose, treat, and care for patients, but how did we get her...

Ballistic Wounds: Battlefield Healing History

December 1, 2023
Ballistic wounds are those attributed to trauma from firearms. Worldwide, these injuries resulted in approximately 270,000 deaths in 2016 alone....

Comprehensive Amputee Care: Not Such a New Concept

January 27, 2023
A limb salvage program aims to prevent major amputations and thus improve patients' quality of life and overall longevity. Despite the efforts of a multidisciplinary team approach, amputation preventi...

Creating a Plan of Care for Wound Management

July 31, 2022
Wound management is a tremendous clinical challenge for many health care professionals. The World Health Organization has recognized that wound management is a worldwide public health issue best manag...

Healing Helpers: The History of Larval Therapy

July 20, 2023
In wound clinics far and wide, the appearance of unplanned tiny visitors during a dressing change is often met with disgust. These creepy critters tend to indicate the presence of poor hygiene along w...

Merry Mistletoe: Healing Value Beyond the Holiday Season

December 20, 2022
As the holiday season approaches, bundles of mistletoe will no doubt appear in many homes across the world. This popular holiday decoration, with its green leaves and white berries dangling from doorw...

Nature of Wound Healing: Lessons from 17th Century

February 9, 2024
Healing chronic wounds is a challenging endeavor, even in modern times where wound care professionals can harmonize key factors to achieve an optimal wound environment for recovery. In earlier centuri...

Nurses as Innovators: The Power of Asking Why

March 17, 2023
Mary R Brennan, RN, MBA, CWON Inquisitive nurses have questioned the status quo and challenged the current standards available at the time. They believed there was an improvement that could be made...

The Evolution of Antisepsis: A Historical Review

September 12, 2022
September is designated as Sepsis Awareness Month, and it offers us time to reflect on the critical medical developments that have brought us to the current era of infectious disease treatment. The fi...

Timely Wound Care: The Birth of the Triage System

April 4, 2023
Christine Miller, DPM, PhD, CWSP, FACCWS War has often been the driver of medical innovations; the battlefield has been the birthplace of many advancements that have shaped modern health care. One ...
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