Wound Infection

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Preventing Cross-Infection

by Hy-Tape International

Infections are common and serious complications associated with post-surgical wounds. In wounds resulting from clean surgery, 8% become infected among the general population and 25% among those over 60 years of age. Preventing these infections can help reduce costs, improve patient outcomes, and save lives. It is critical that health care professionals understand the risk of cross-contamination and take steps to prevent it.

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Clinical Challenges in Diagnosing Infected Wounds

by the WoundSource Editors

Given the impact of infection on delayed wound healing, determining the presence of colonization and infection is imperative to achieving healed outcomes. Chronic wounds are always contaminated, and timely implementation of management and treatment interventions is a key component of the plan of care.

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San Diego, CA – October 3, 2017 – CogenDx, the genetics brand of Millennium Health, LLC, announced the launch of its newest test offering, DxWound. The test uses DNA-based technology to provide accurate, sensitive detection of an array of microbes, including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi, plus antibiotic resistance genes. Results from the tests equip clinicians to rapidly and accurately identify potential pathogens causing infections and select antibiotics with greater likelihood for efficacy.

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