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Accelerate Your Surgical Debridement With VERSAJET Hydrosurgical System

Decrease surgical site infections, improve skin graft prep, reduce bacterial count, remove necrotic tissue while preserving healthy.

Accelerate your debridement today.

 VERSAJET is a handheld device used for surgical debridement in which a high-velocity stream of sterile fluid jets across the operating window and into an evacuation tube.

VERSAJET's Venturi effect creates a localized vacuum. This holds and cuts tissue while aspirating debris from the site. 

At its lowest power levels, VERSAJET will function mainly as a vacuum and remove little or no tissue with each pass. As the power increases, VERSAJET removes a greater amount of necrotic tissue and bacteria.

At the highest power levels, the VERSAJET system will remove non-viable tissue very rapidly and tackle all but the hardest eschars while preserving as much healthy dermis as possible.

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