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Dermagran® Hydrophilic-B Wound Dressing

Dermagran® Hydrophilic-B Wound Dressing provides a primary cover for wounds. Zinc-nutrient formulation. pH-balanced. For hard-to-heal and chronic wounds.

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IODOSORB* 0.9% Cadexomer Iodine Gel

IODOSORB* is designed to be highly absorbent while providing a moist wound healing environment. Assists in wound area protection and in reducing bacteria at the wound surface.

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Kendall™ Amorphous Hydrogel

Kendall™ Amorphous Hydrogel is a clear, viscous dressing that helps provide an optimal wound healing environment. Comes in convenient tube packaging.

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McKesson Hydrophilic Wound Dressing

McKesson Hydrophilic Wound Dressing contains zinc, vitamins A and B6, calcium, and magnesium. Can be applied directly to the wound bed to provide a moist, mildly acidic environment conducive to wound healing.

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