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Curity® Gauze Sponges

Curity® Gauze Sponges are 100% US cotton. USP type VII. Versatile wound dressing, packing or debridement.

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Fluftex® fluff dried, edge-finished crinkled cotton rolls and sponges are used as primary and secondary dressings. Available with radiopaque element.

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Gauze Sponges

Dukal offers a variety of gauze sponge options for all general wound care, dressing, prepping, wound packing and debriding needs.

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HARTMANN Sterilux® Premium Gauze Sponges

HARTMANN Sterilux® Premium Gauze Sponges are designed to reduce potential linting and unraveling.

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Kerlix® Super Sponges

Kerlix® Super Sponges are pre-washed, fluff-dried woven 100% cotton gauze. Virtually lint-free. Wicks fluid away from wounds and is ideal for packing.

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MANUKAtex® is a permeable non-adherent primary dressing with active medical grade Manuka honey. The dressing consists of ManukaMed® honey impregnated into an acetate gauze. Dressing properties cause honey to gel with wound fluid and create an easy to remove Manuka honey dressing.

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