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Sky Medical Technology

Sky Medical Technology Announces geko™ Device Is Now Reimbursed in the UK

Venous Ulcers
November 27, 2023

High Wycombe, UK (November 15, 2023) - UK-based medical device manufacturer Sky Medical Technology Ltd, parent company of Firstkind Ltd, today announced its wearable geko device is now reimbursed in the UK.

The geko device is an addition to the current VLU pathway, helping patients to both self-care, without disrupting daily routines, and sharing their care with family members and wound care professionals, reinforced by the high concordance rate of 94% reported in a recently published study.1

The study,1 a 2023 randomised self-controlled trial, demonstrates geko device efficacy in doubling the rate of VLU healing when used alongside standard of care compared to standard of care alone. Independent health economic modelling also demonstrates the geko device is cost saving.


  1. Bull RH, Clements D, Collarte AJ, Harding KG. The impact of a new intervention for venous leg ulcers: A within-patient controlled trial. Int Wound J. 2023; 20(6):2260-2268