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Venous Ulcer

10 Steps for Writing a Wound Care Case Report

December 22, 2014
By the WoundSource Editors Writing up a case report is an important professional activity in not only wound care, but in any other field as well. A case report records the details of the presentation of signs and symptoms, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of a patient case or series of cases. Case reports typically describe an unusual presentation or complication relating to the patient's condition, or a new clinical approach to a common problem. The publication of a case report in a peer-reviewed journal, if that is your intent, is a great addition to your CV, especially if you are new to the profession.

Lower Extremity Wounds: Is It Venous, Arterial, Neuropathic, or a Combination?

October 21, 2021
Lower extremity wounds manifest in a multitude of ways, with numerous causative or trigger factors. These types of wounds are often costly to treat, are frequently refractory, and have a high risk for recurrence. A comprehensive assessment and an evidence-based treatment plan, along with ongoing patient education and routine follow-up, are essential components of an effective plan of care.

To Compress or Not to Compress: Practical Tips for Treating Lower Extremity Ulcers

January 20, 2023
Emily Greenstein, APRN, CNP, CWON-AP, FACCWS Terry Treadwell, MD, FACS We all know that compression therapy is the “gold standard” for the treatment of venous leg ulcers. However, how do we know if we should apply compression, how much compression, and what type of compression?
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Venous Leg Ulcers in Diverse Populations

May 2, 2023
Venous Leg Ulcers (VLUs) are among the most widespread chronic lower extremity wounds, with approximately 70% of chronic leg ulcers reported as VLUs. Across the population in the western hemisphere, it's estimated that 2% have VLUs, while those in the aging population have a greater prevalence at 5%. In the United States, 6 million people struggle with these wounds, a number dwarfed by those in other countries. For instance, in Africa, approximately 25-135 million individuals have VLUs.

Venous Leg Ulcers: Why Should Clinicians Use the CORE Protocol?

July 11, 2023
Windy Cole, DPM discusses why the CORE protocol is essential for venous leg ulcer (VLU) treatment and how to prevent VLU recurrence.
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Wound Clinics in 2022: A Space Odyssey?

May 27, 2022
Wound care has made significant and exciting progress over the years. We have moved from a passive wound bed approach to an active, strategic, individualized wound and periwound approach with the help of technological advancements. Interestingly, some of the technology in use today, such as infrared thermometers and other thermal infrared devices that collect and monitor data, were developed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration space program. This type of technology is also being used to measure land surface temperatures in two thermal bands to detect heat.
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