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Wound Cleansers

Wound cleansers are solutions used to remove contaminants, foreign debris and exudate from the wound surface or to irrigate a deep cavity wound. Ingredients may include surfactants, wetting agents, moisturizers and/or antimicrobials. They may be a rinse or no-rinse formula.

Wound cleansers feature the following general performance properties and attributes:
• Removes bacteria and debris without disrupting the wound bed
• Reduces wound odor
• Reduces risk of wound infection

Wound cleansers are indicated for cleansing, irrigating, hydrating, debridement and removal of foreign material including microorganisms and debris from exudating wounds or acute and chronic dermal lesions such as: stage I-IV pressure ulcers, venous insufficiency ulcers, post-surgical wounds, first- and second-degree burns, diabetic foot ulcers, skin grafts and donor sites, abrasions or minor irritations of the skin.

Wound cleansers can be indicated for use at each dressing change or as a solution placed in a device that accomplishes irrigation and debridement. They can also be used to moisten or lubricate absorbent wound dressings prior to dressing change or removal.

Wound cleansers are contraindicated for patients with a known sensitivity to any of the cleanser’s ingredients. Always refer to manufacturer Instructions For Use.

For external use only.


McKesson Saline Wound Flush

McKesson Saline (0.9% USP sodium chloride solution) Wound Flush is for the gentle cleansing and removal of dirt and debris. Pressurized to dispense at 4psi to 13psi. Preservative-free.

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MPM Antiseptic Wound Cleanser

MPM Antiseptic Wound Cleanser is used to destroy pathogens in wounds. Breaks the chain of cross-contamination. Effective against MRSA, VRE and many others.

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MPM Wound Cleanser

MPM Wound Cleanser is used to flush dirt, debris and necrotic tissue from wounds. Contains poloxamer 188, a non-ionic detergent.

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PrimaDerm® Wound Cleanser (Non-sterile)

PrimaDerm® non-sterile, preserved, non-toxic wound cleanser helps to remove devitalized tissue, dried blood, slough and other wound contaminants. Can be used multiple times. Meets AHCPR PSI guidelines.

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PrimaDerm® Wound Cleanser (Unpreserved)

PrimaDerm® sterile, non-toxic wound cleanser helps remove devitalized tissue, dried blood, slough and other wound contaminants. Contains poloxamer 188, an effective surfactant that is gentle on tissue.

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Prophase™ Wound Cleanser

Prophase™ Wound Cleanser is a non-toxic, non-sensitizing, and non-irritating wound cleanser with PHMB as an antimicrobial preservative.

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Puracyn® Plus Professional Formula Wound Irrigation Solution

Puracyn® Plus Wound Irrigation Solution is a pH-balanced hypochlorous (HOCl) solution designed to work in conjunction with wound irrigation, debridement, and dressing procedures to set the stage for optimal healing conditions.

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Pure & Clean is a 0.02% hypochlorous acid solution wound cleanser.

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Restore® Wound Cleanser®

Restore® Wound Cleanser® is a no-rinse gentle solution that helps remove wound debris and bacteria without harming fragile tissue. Alternative to saline or harsh antiseptic cleansers.

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SafeWash™ Saline

SafeWash™ Saline is a sterile wound wash saline spray containing 0.9% sodium chloride. Preservative-free and drug free. Bag-in-can technology; no CFCs, sprays in any direction.

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