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Aero-Wrap Acute™

Aero-Wrap Acute™ Venous Ulcer Total Care Monthly Kit is a disposable system designed to replace traditional bandaging for both exudate and compression management of venous leg ulcers in wound care settings.

Sun Scientific

Sun Scientific manufactures sustained gradient compression therapy devices.

• Provides clinicians and wound care centers the supplies to manage a patient's exudate and compression therapy for up to 1 month
• Disposable product for use with exudating wounds
• Easy to apply and remove
• Allows for quick dressing changes
• AeroGauge™ inflation system provides accurate and adjustable compression
• Easy solution for frequent dressing changes
• Can be worn with normal shoes and clothing
• Removable for showering and sleeping


Aero-Wrap Acute™ was designed for use on patients with open venous leg ulcers and stasis dermatitis.


The Aero-Wrap™ Gradient Compression System should not be used on patients with the following conditions:
Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) of less than 0.6
Advanced PAD and critical limb ischemia
Diabetic patients with advanced small vessel disease or ABI greater than 1.3
Acute deep vein thrombosis
Active infections of the lower leg
Gangrene of the lower leg

How Supplied/Sizing
Each kit includes: 2 Aero-Wrap Acute™, 1 AeroGauge™, 5 multilayer bandage changes (cotton padding bandage, short-stretch conforming bandage, tubular stockinette).
Product features
cancel 120mmHg inflation available
cancel Adjustable air bladders
cancel Automatic shut-off
cancel Half/full sleeves
cancel LCD display
cancel Leg/arm sleeves
cancel Low-pressure alert light
cancel Non-peristaltic sequential compression
cancel Peristaltic gradient sequential compression
check_circle Pressure gauge
cancel Pressure regulator dial
cancel Programmable
cancel Timed cycle inflation/deflation
check_circle Velcro® on sleeve
cancel Zipper on sleeve
Recommended Use

Stasis Dermatitis
Venous Leg Ulcers

Mode of Use/Application

Select compression range prescribed by your doctor by turning the AeroGauge™ dial until the built in arrow points to prescribed range (20-30 mmHg, 30-40 mmHg, or 40-50 mmHg). Firmly insert the tip of the AeroGauge™ inflation system into the valve, depressing the internal valve spring. Gently squeeze AeroGauge™ to inflate Aero-Wrap™ to pressure (approx. 15-20 squeezes). Wait 3-5 seconds as the garment settles on the leg and then remove the AeroGauge™ tip from the valve. Replace the valve cap on top of the valve. Note: AeroGauge™ has been specifically designed to bleed out excess air from Aero-Wrap™ to provide the correct compression range.

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