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DynaGinate™ Calcium Alginate Dressing

DynaGinate™ Calcium Alginate Dressing is used as a topical wound dressing for moderate to high exuding wounds. Can absorb up to 17 times its own weight.


Dynarex is a manufacturer of disposable medical products.
Toll free:(888) 396-2739 Fax:(845) 365-8201 Website:
How Supplied/Sizing
2"x2", 4"x8", 4(1/4)"x4(1/4)". Rope: 30cm (2g).
Product features
cancel Antimicrobial format available
cancel Conforms readily to wound
cancel Cuttable
cancel Flexible
cancel Hemostatic
cancel Intact when saturated
cancel Moisture vapor permeable
cancel Moldable
cancel One-piece removal
check_circle Rope
cancel Secondary dressing required
cancel Usable on infected wounds
check_circle Variety of sizes

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