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Flexitouch® Plus

Flexitouch® Plus is an advanced intermittent pneumatic compression device (lymphedema pump) that gives patients a comfortable and convenient way to self-manage lymphedema and non-healing venous leg ulcers.

Tactile Medical

Tactile Medical is a leader in developing and marketing at-home therapies for people suffering from underserved, chronic conditions including lymphedema, lipedema, chronic venous insufficiency and chronic pulmonary disease by helping them live better and care for themselves at home.
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• Simultaneous bilateral therapy allows the patient to treat both legs at once and save overall patient treatment time
• Numerous garment and program options to meet each patient's unique treatment needs
• Adjustable, easy-to-put-on-and-take-off, garments fit the unique anatomical contours of each patient, providing targeted, individualized treatment
• Numerous clinical studies show achievement of major clinical benefits and cost savings
• Controller programmability allows preset programs - save up to three treatment programs and easily access each program from the large 7" color display


The Flexitouch® Plus system and garments for legs, arms, trunk and chest are intended for use by medical professionals and patients who are under medical supervision, for the treatment of many conditions, such as lymphedema, primary lymphedema, post-mastectomy edema, phlebolymphedema, lipedema, edema following trauma and sports injuries, post-immobilization edema, venous insufficiency, reducing wound healing time, treatment and assistance in healing stasis dermatitis, venous stasis ulcers, or arterial and diabetic leg ulcers.
The Flexitouch® Plus system and garments for the head and neck are intended for use by medical professionals and patients who are under medical supervision for the treatment of head and neck lymphedema.


The Flexitouch® Plus system should not be used on patients with one or more of the following conditions:
• Heart failure (acute pulmonary edema, decompensated acute heart failure)
• Acute venous disease (acute thrombophlebitis, acute deep venous thrombosis, acute pulmonary embolism)
• Severe peripheral artery disease (critical limb ischemia including ischemic rest pain, arterial wounds or gangrene)
• Active skin or limb infection/inflammatory disease (acute cellulitis, other uncontrolled skin or untreated inflammatory skin disease)
• Any circumstance where increased lymphatic or venous return is undesirable
• During pregnancy (applies only to the Flexitouch® Plus trunk accessory)

The head garment and vest for head and neck for the Flexitouch® Plus system should not be used on patients who have one or more of the following conditions:

    • Uncontrolled hyperthyroidism or parathyroidism (for which an endocrinologist recommends against neck compression)
    • Carotid sinus hypersensitivity syndrome
    • Symptomatic carotid artery disease, as manifested by a recent transient ischemic attack (within 30 days)
    • Ischemic stroke or amaurosis fugax (monocular visual ischemic symptoms or blindness)
    • Symptomatic bradycardia in the absence of a pacemaker
    • Internal jugular venous thrombosis (within three months)
    • Increased intracranial pressure or other contraindication to internal or external jugular venous compression
    • Acute radiation dermatitis, unhealed surgical scar, unhealed or open wound(s), surgical flap less than six to eight weeks post-operative
    • Facial or head and neck dermal metastasis
    • Acute facial infection (e.g., facial or parotid gland abscess)
    • Any condition in which increased venous and lymphatic return is undesirable
How Supplied/Sizing
Pump console and garments.
Product features
cancel 120mmHg inflation available
check_circle Adjustable air bladders
check_circle Automatic shut-off
check_circle Half/full sleeves
check_circle LCD display
check_circle Leg/arm sleeves
cancel Low-pressure alert light
cancel Non-peristaltic sequential compression
check_circle Peristaltic gradient sequential compression
cancel Pressure gauge
cancel Pressure regulator dial
check_circle Programmable
check_circle Timed cycle inflation/deflation
check_circle Velcro® on sleeve
cancel Zipper on sleeve
Other features
check_circle Educational Material Available
check_circle Free Samples/Trials Available
check_circle Published Clinical Article Available
Recommended Use

Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Chronic Wounds
Venous Ulcers

Mode of Use/Application

Apply garment(s), plug garment hose into pump controller, turn controller on and push button to begin treatment.


Two years on pump controller and garments

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