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NovoSorb™ BTM (Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix)

NovoSorb™ BTM is composed of wound-facing biodegradable foam bonded to a non-biodegradable transparent sealing membrane. Developed for the treatment of full-thickness wounds where the dermal structure has been lost to trauma or surgical debridement.

PolyNovo North America LLC

PolyNovo North America LLC is a global medical device company focused on the advancements in regenerative technologies for burn and wound care.
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• Does not contain any sensitizing proteins
• Designed to reduce shrinking and contraction of the wound and scar formation
• Designed to deliver a more aesthetic outcome than currently achieved by immediate split-thickness skin grafting
• Can be applied on surgically debrided wounds


NovoSorb™ BTM (Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix) is indicated for the management of wounds including: partial- and full-thickness wounds, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, chronic and vascular ulcers, surgical wounds (donor sites/grafts, post-Mohs surgery, post-laser surgery, podiatric, wound dehiscience), trauma wounds (abrasions, lacerations, second-degree burns, and skin tears) and draining wounds.


NovoSorb™ BTM (Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix) application is contraindicated in wounds where necrotic/devitalized tissue is present, such wounds must be surgically debrided to viable tissue pre-application. BTM should not be applied into overtly infected wounds, such wounds should be debrided of non-vital tissue and be topically treated with antimicrobial dressings +/- systematic antibiotics before application is considered. BTM should only be applied into surgically debrided chronic wounds where underlying pathology capable of potentiating the wound has been addressed (e.g. meticulous blood sugar control in diabetic ulceration, compression hosiery/dressings in venous ulceration to combat sustained venous hypertension, etc). BTM should be applied into wounds only after effective hemostasis has been afforded.

Warnings and Precautions

The following complications are possible with the use of wound dressing. If any of the following conditions occur, the device should be removed: chronic inflammation, allergic reaction,excessive redness, pain or swelling.
BTM is sterile if the package is unopened and undamaged. Do not use if the package has been perforated or the seal is broken or any other contamination is suspected.
Opened and unused BTM cannot be resterilized and must be discarded.
BTM should not be applied until excessive exudate, bleeding, acute swelling and infection are controlled.
Debridement or excision must be meticulous and remove any remaining necrotic tissue that may cause infection

How Supplied/Sizing
10cmx10cm, 10cmx20cm, 20cmx40cm.
Product features
cancel Biosynthetic
cancel Biosynthetic - animal-based
check_circle Indicated for chronic vascular ulcers
check_circle Indicated for diabetic ulcers
check_circle Indicated for draining wounds
check_circle Indicated for partial- and full-thickness wounds
check_circle Indicated for pressure ulcers
check_circle Indicated for surgical wounds
cancel Indicated for third-degree burns
check_circle Indicated for trauma wounds
check_circle Indicated for venous ulcers
check_circle Synthetic
cancel Variety of sizes
cancel Resorbable
cancel Contact manufacturer for usage guidelines
Other features
cancel Educational Material Available
check_circle Free Samples/Trials Available
cancel Published Clinical Article Available
Recommended Use

Acute Wounds
Deep Wounds
Dehisced Wounds
Diabetic Foot
Hypertrophic Scars/Keloids
Moderate/Highly Exudating Wounds
Non/Minimally Exudating Wounds
Partial- and Full-Thickness Wounds
Pressure Ulcers
Surgical Wounds
Trauma Wounds
Venous Ulcers

Mode of Use/Application

NovoSorb™ BTM (Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix) is designed to be placed into a newly created wound bed and stapled/sutured to the edge of the wound.

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