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Synthetics & Biosynthetics

Synthetic and biosynthetic products utilize synthetic or biosynthetic compounds with beneficial properties to promote an optimal wound healing environment.


Mirragen® Bioactive Glass

Mirragen® Bioactive Glass is a bioabsorbable borate-based glass fiber matrix. Intentionally engineered to be biocompatible and support the body's natural wound healing process. Safe, effective and efficient treatment for minor to complex wounds.

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AC5® Advanced Wound System

AC5® Advanced Wound System is a synthetic peptide-based advanced wound dressing. Applied as a viscous peptide solution and self-assembles into a barrier scaffold when contacting the wound.

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Hyalomatrix® Hyaluronic Acid Regenerative Matrix

Hyalomatrix® is a 3D HYAFF® (hyaluronic acid ester) matrix used on wounds that allows cellular invasion and capillary growth, to impact the re-epitheliazation process.

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Microlyte® Matrix

Microlyte® Matrixis a sterile, single-use absorbent polymeric matrix composed primarily of bioresorbable polyvinyl alcohol with a polymeric surface coating containing ionic and metallic silver.

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NovoSorb™ BTM (Biodegradable Temporizing Matrix)

NovoSorb™ BTM is composed of wound-facing biodegradable foam bonded to a non-biodegradable transparent sealing membrane. Developed for the treatment of full-thickness wounds where the dermal structure has been lost to trauma or surgical debridement.

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Restrata® is a fully synthetic hybrid-scale fiber matrix manufactured with synthetic bioresorbable polymers and possesses a fibrous structure with high porosity. The product architecture, which is similar to native extracellular matrix, allows for cell ingress and retention, as well as neovascularization of the newly forming tissue without the need for added growth factors.

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SUPRA SDRM® is an absorbable, microporous biodegradable matrix indicated for the management of chronic and difficult to heal wounds such as partial- and full-thickness wounds, trauma wounds, and ulcers.

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Talymed® advanced sterile wound matrix is composed of shortened fibers of poly-N-acetyl glucosamine (pGlcNac), isolated from microalgae.

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