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Silverlon® Acute Burn Glove

The Silverlon® Acute Burn Glove is an oversized silver nylon glove dressing intended for post-acute burn or surgical treatments.

Argentum Medical, LLC

Argentum Medical, LLC is the manufacturer of the Silverlon™ family of advanced seven day use antimicrobial metallic silver burn, wound, surgical, negative pressure and IV catheter dressings.
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• Open finger and oversized design for use immediately after acute injury or post-surgery
• Offers broad antimicrobial protection for hard to dress parts of the hand
• Offered in six sizes to fit virtually all hands
• Effective bactericidal and fungicidal activity through sustained silver ion release within the dressing
• No reported microbial resistance
• No nanocrystalline staining or incremental bioburden


For OTC use, Silverlon® Acute Burn Glove may be used for: minor abrasions, cuts, lacerations, scrapes, scalds and burns.
Under the supervision of a health care professional, Silverlon® Acute Burn Glove may be used for: superficial (first-degree), and partial-thickness (second-degree) burns; donor and graft sites; acute wounds; lacerations; abrasions; traumatic wounds; surgical wounds; dehisced wounds.


Contraindicated for use on individuals with a known sensitivity to nylon or silver.

Warnings and Precautions

For external use only.
Do not remove glove while dry or when glove is sticking. If sticking occurs, soak gloved hand for 10 minutes or more until glove can easily be removed. Repeat soaking if necessary.
If problems occur, including swelling, severe redness or sharply increased pain, contact your physician.
Remove Silverlon® prior to MRI procedures.

How Supplied/Sizing
Pediatric through adult xx-large.
Product features
cancel Absorptive dressing format
cancel Alginate dressing format
cancel Antimicrobial effects up to 48 hours
cancel Antimicrobial effects up to 3 days
check_circle Antimicrobial effects up to 7 days
cancel Bacterial binding
cancel Bacterial trapping
cancel Bactericidal
check_circle Bactericidal broad-spectrum
cancel Bacteriostatic
cancel Collagen dressing format
cancel Composite dressing format
check_circle Contact layer dressing format
cancel Foam dressing format
cancel Fungicidal
cancel Gauze or non-woven dressing format
cancel Gelling fiber dressing format
cancel Hydrogel (amorphous) dressing format
cancel Hydrogel (impregnated) dressing format
cancel Hydrogel (sheet) dressing format
cancel Impermeable to outside contaminants
cancel Impregnated dressing format
cancel Microbicidal
check_circle Moisture vapor permeable
check_circle Secondary dressing required
cancel Silicone-based adhesive
cancel Sporicidal
cancel Super absorbent polymers
check_circle Sustained release formula
cancel Transparent film dressing format
cancel Virucidal
cancel Wound filler dressing format
Other features
cancel Educational Material Available
check_circle Free Samples/Trials Available
check_circle Published Clinical Article Available
Recommended Use

Acute Wounds
Chronic Wounds
Dehisced Wounds
Partial- and Full-Thickness Wounds

Mode of Use/Application

Wet dressing with sterile or clean water. Apply directly to the wound bed overlapping the wound margins by 1cm-2cm. Avoid use of petroleum-based ointments or creams under the Silverlon® dressing. Optimal performance is achieved by keeping the Silverlon® dressing moist and free from excessive exudate buildup. Periodically check the edges of the dressing to ensure that proper moisture levels are being maintained. Add water when necessary.

Removal & Change Frequency

When removing the Silverlon® burn dressing, check to see if it is dry or is sticking to the wound bed. If sticking occurs, saturate the dressing with water and wait until it can be easily removed by gently lifting the corners. All Silverlon® Wound and Burn Dressings are designed for up to seven day use.

Additional Recommended Dressings

Cover the Silverlon® burn dressing with a secondary dressing of choice.

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