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Cellular and/or Tissue-Based Products

Supporting Wound Closure With Cellular and/or Tissue-Based Products

February 28, 2022
Cellular and/or tissue-based products (CTPs) comprise an exciting and emerging technology in wound care. Deep and large wounds require more than just a standard dressing, topical ointments, and time. Wounds that penetrate the reticular dermis and below (deeper than ~0.57 mm) require additional scaffolding to support wound closure and prevent significant scarring.1 CTPs provide this scaffolding as well as naturally occurring chemicals and cells that support wound healing.
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What is New in the 20th Edition of WoundSource

July 13, 2017
By Miranda Henry, Editorial Director of WoundSource Twenty years ago, WoundSource™ became the first-ever comprehensive wound care reference guide for clinicians. It contained just nine product categories and did not yet include such innovations as hand-held wound assessment systems and cellular-based wound treatments, which have now become a part of standard wound management practice.
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