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Hydrogel Dressings

Are You a Wound Care Detective? Case 1

January 27, 2021
By Emily Greenstein, APRN, CNP, CWON, FACCWS Last month I introduced you to the concept of how being a wound care professional is often a lot like being a detective. This blog post is going to star...

Foam vs Hydrofiber: Do You Know Which Are Best for Exudate?

March 24, 2023
Matthew Regulski, DPM, FFPM RCPS(Glasgow), ABMSP, FASPM, discusses what dressings he uses in his practice to control different levels of exudate....

From Chronic to Acute: Strategies for Preventing Wound Chronicity

February 27, 2020
Wound chronicity is defined as any wound that is physiologically impaired due to a disruption in the wound healing cascade: 1) hemostasis, 2) inflammation, 3) proliferation, and 4) maturation/remodeli...

Hydrogel Dressings: What Should You Know?

October 3, 2023
As we know, debridement is a critical aspect of wound management. It is critical to remove non-viable tissue to mitigate infection risks and promote moist wound healing. Typically, we think of enzymat...

Hydrogel: An Overused Wound Care Modality?

May 12, 2017
By Jeffrey Levine MD While I’m on rounds with students I like to ask, "What is the active ingredient of hydrogel?" My query is usually met with puzzled looks. It's a trick question, because the ter...

Review: A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing a Human Acellular Dermal Matrix Versus Conventional Care for the Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers

September 2, 2020
By Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Journal Review Club Venous leg ulcerations (VLUs) are a common and often chronic pathology, and these wounds diminish the quality of life and incre...

When Limb Salvage Becomes Heartbreaking Part II: After the Amputation

August 12, 2014
By Aletha Tippett MD In a previous blog I told about the heartbreak of limb salvage when one of your patients was swooped out of your care and had an amputation. The patient I mentioned did have an...
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