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How Obesity Impacts the Wound Healing Nutrition Plan

August 31, 2015
By Mary Ellen Posthauer RDN, CD, LD, FAND "I know Susie Q has a stage IV pressure ulcer on her sacrum but she is obese so she certainly doesn't need any more calories." Clinicians and family member...

How Obesity Impacts Wound Healing

July 14, 2015
By Laurie Swezey RN, BSN, CWOCN, CWS, FACCWS Obesity has become a major problem in our society. According to the CDC Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity, more than one-third of ad...

Kennedy Terminal Ulcer/Palliative Care and Hospice Care

October 31, 2018
by the WoundSource Editors Palliative care and hospice care are not the same, but they both share one goal. They both focus on a patient's physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs. Palliative ...

The Challenge of Lower Extremity Wounds – Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Part 3

August 17, 2017
By Martin D. Vera LVN, CWS In this last of our three-part series on lower extremity wounds, we will focus our attention on diabetic foot/neuropathic ulcers. Research indicates that the United State...
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