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Physical Therapy

3 Non-Pharmacological Treatments for Wound Infection

November 9, 2016
By Janet Wolfson, PT, CLWT, CWS, CLT-LANA As I was commuting in to work a few Saturdays ago, I listened to The People’s Pharmacy on NPR. The topic was non-pharmacological treatment of infection, so...

3 Secrets to Getting Your Patients to Collaborate in the Treatment Plan

November 12, 2014
By Robert Striks, Special Writer, Encompass HealthCare & Wound Medicine There's a funny scene in the Marx Brothers movie, "Horse Feathers," where Chico tells Harpo how to escape from the room they ...

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Incontinence Management

December 6, 2018
By Janet Wolfson, PT, CLWT, CWS, CLT-LANA My current job as wound coordinator has pulled me into the world of incontinence and the many disciplines that care for people challenged by this disorder....

Case Study: Total Knee Replacement Patient with Wound Dehiscence Due to Lymphedema

September 14, 2016
By Janet Wolfson, PT, CLWT, CWS, CLT-LANA If you read my last blog on therapeutic interventions to stimulate wound healing, then you may recall the asset that a lymphedema trained therapist can be ...

Diabetic Foot Ulcers: When Standard of Care Is not Enough

March 31, 2020
Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) continue to be a major problem, causing patient suffering, burden, infections, and high mortality. The cost of DFU treatment was estimated at $1.3 trillion globally in 2015...

Electrical Stimulation Therapy and Wound Healing

October 3, 2013
By Aletha Tippett MD In 1771, Luigi Galvani discovered that the muscles of a frog leg contracted when touched by a spark. This spawned the beginning of our understanding of the relationship between...

How Physical Therapists Can Be the Key to Jumpstarting Slow to Granulate Wounds

August 17, 2016
By Janet Wolfson, PT, CLWT, CWS, CLT-LANA I know we have all had those patients with diagnoses that impair their wounds forming granulation tissue to fill wound depth. Perhaps there are comorbiditi...

Patient and Family Wound Care Education: Clinician and Learner Challenges

June 12, 2012
Part 1 in a series discussing the challenges and opportunities in patient/family education By Paula Erwin-Toth, MSN, RN, CWOCN, CNS Mr. Gillan is a 72 year old man with venous insufficiency. He ...

The Unique Perspective Physical Therapists Bring to Wound Care

April 28, 2016
By Janet Wolfson, PT, CLWT, CWS, CLT-LANA A story was related to me from someone living in a rural part of the US. A family member was in need of ongoing wound care. They were referred to a special...

Venous Leg Ulcers: Frequently Asked Questions

March 25, 2019
by Karen Bauer , NP-C, CWS In my recent WoundSource webinar on management strategies of venous leg ulcers (VLU), I discussed the complex pathophysiology of VLUs and procedural interventions that ca...
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