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Dr. Diane L. Krasner is a board certified wound specialist with over thirty-five years of experience in wound, ostomy and incontinence care across the continuum of care. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and a Master of the American Professional Wound Care Association. Dr. Krasner is a Wound and Skin Care Consultant and Expert Witness. She is a part-time Adjunct Clinical Faculty member for the Harrisburg Area Community College – York Campus Nursing Program.

Dr. Krasner is a member of the Board of Directors and Co-Chair of the Biomedical Committee of the American Red Cross South Central PA Region. Since 2015 Dr. Krasner has been the co-chair with Dr. Lia van Rijswijk of Why Wound Care? A Campaign for a Rewarding Nursing Career in Wound Care ( She is co-chair with Cathy Milne of the Post-Acute Care Symposium that launched in May 2019 in San Antonio ( Dr. Krasner received the John Boswick Award for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Wound Healing and for her achievements and tireless work, which have considerably advanced the field of wound care, on May 11, 2019 at the 2019 SAWC Spring in San Antonio.

Krasner graduated from The Johns Hopkins University with a B.A. (Honors) in Ancient Near Eastern Studies and an M.A. in Egyptology. She went on to receive her B.S.N.(Honors), M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Maryland School of Nursing and a M.S.(Honors) in Adult and Continuing Education from Johns Hopkins School of Continuing Studies. Dr. Krasner was a Johnson & Johnson Medical Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Nursing Research at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.

Dr. Krasner is the editor of Chronic Wound Care: The Essentials (2014, HMP Communications, Malvern, PA, ). Drs. Krasner and van Rijswijk are co-editors of the 2018 e-book edition, Chronic Wound Care: The Essentials e-Book, which is the official e-book of the Why Wound Care? Campaign ( Previously, Dr. Krasner was the lead co-editor of five editions of Chronic Wound Care: A Clinical Source Book for Healthcare Professionals (1991-2012, HMP Communications, Malvern, PA).

Krasner has served on numerous editorial boards and currently is on the editorial boards of Wound Prevention and Management, WOUNDS and WoundSource. Since 1992, Dr. Krasner has served on the Board of Directors and as an Officer of several national wound care organizations.

Dr. Krasner’s research interests include wound pain, palliative wound care, Safe NPWT and legal issues related to wound care. She has numerous publications in the wound care literature and has lectured nationally and internationally on wound and skin care.