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Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Posthauer

Mary Ellen Posthauer is a registered dietitian and a consultant for MEP Healthcare Dietary Services, Inc. She provides consultation to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospice accounts. She is the past president of the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel. Posthauer is on the editorial advisory board of Advances in Skin and Wound Care. She is the current co-chair of the NPUAP nutrition small group working on the 2014 guidelines update and the chair for the bariatrics small group developing guidelines. She is a graduate of Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.

Posthauer has authored numerous articles and chapters on nutrition, including such published books as Nutritional Care for the Older Adult, published by American Dietetic Association; Wound Care, published by Aspen; and Wound Care Essentials; published by Lippencott. The 3rd editions of all three are currently in progress (the 3rd edition of Wound Care will be published by Lippencott).

She was chairman of the American Dietetic Association’s Unintentional Weight Loss (UWL) work group, which developed nutrition-related evidence-based guidelines for practice for the elderly. The guidelines were released in October 2009.

Posthauer received the American Dietetic Association’s Award of Excellence in Consultation and Private Practice and the Medallion Award, one of ADA’s highest honors. She was induced into the Hall of Fame, Department of Foods and Nutrition, at Purdue University in 2008.