HCPCS code description: Gradient compression wrap, non-elastic, below knee, 30-50 mm hg, each

Products with this code:

  • EXTREMIT-EASE® provides 30mmHg-50mmHg of compression. Combination of zipper and bungee cords with large tabs make independent application and adjustment easy for patients. Comfortable, air-permeable fabric results in less sweat, hot spots and pistoning.

  • circaid® juxtalite® HD is an instantly adjustable compression device for use during ulcer healing and after wound closure to prevent recurrence. Made from a thicker, more robust material than circaid® juxtalite®, best suited for patients with moderate to severe edema.

  • circaid® juxtalite™ Lower Leg inelastic wraps provide adjustable compression using a controlled dosage of 20mmHg-30mmHg, 30mmHg-40mmHg or 40mmHg-50mmHg of compression to assist the calf muscle pump and promote wound healing in the lower leg.

  • CompreCares® is a reusable compression garment kit with adjustable straps, liner socks and ACCUTAB technology.

  • COMPREFIT® is a non-elastic adjustable compression garment for lower extremity.

  • COMPREFLEX™ - LITE lower extremity compression garment utilizes Breath-O-Prene® fabric combined with a thin stretch panel for support. Garment slides on and wraps around the leg. Each unit includes two mildly compressive silver-infused liners for ease of use.

  • ReadyWrap™ is a low-stretch, adjustable compression wrap that is easy for patients and caregivers to apply and adjust.

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